• Yes it should be free.

  • No it should not be free.

42% 22 votes
58% 30 votes
  • poor people deserve an education!

  • It should be free because going to college should be a praise of getting that far in your work. Having to pay for it would mean you would be a normal paying student and as your parents have already been paying for your education for the past 9-10 years.

  • The smartest people who can change the world are never shown as they could not pay to further their intelligence.

    Posted by: eoidug
  • Public college should be free for all Americans who are academically eligible

  • This question was worded oddly. College can't be free, but I assume you mean "tuition-free" and funded by tax payer money. That's not free, it's just funded through other means.

  • It should be free, or it can be for small amount of money.

    Posted by: Vlatko
  • In this time, it's almost considered mandatory. If not free, then at least cheaper.

  • I believe at least community college should be. Just because it is free, the schools will still have regulations and not everyone would want to go for two years anyways.

  • "it would never work!!!11!!!1!" lmao do you know how many countries have free college/university and are doing just fine

  • I don't think it should be free but the prices are super high. If it's a private college, the price should be set by them. If it's a state college, then it should be lower and more affordable. The professors went through a ton of schooling so it's understandable that they should be paid well.

  • i wished i lived in magical unicorn Bernie Sanders land... but i don't and it's impossible for it to be free, your just forcing tax payers to pay for it which is immoral and won't work

  • If it was free, who would pay for it? Most say the rich, which means they are paying more but not earning more. This encourages them to work less and less, eventually leading to economic collapse. Also, should we spend money on people who won't try in college, wasting money on those who won't benefit society? I think not.

  • No paying for college teaches students the value of hard work and look at what most Americans have done with the free high school we provide. It would just devalue college for those who do pay for it. In addition, I noticed that the kids in college whose parents were paying good money for them to be there didn't take it as seriously as I did paying my own tuition.

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claudia.fuenteropero says2016-12-06T19:27:48.3002616Z
Everyone should be able to have an education
SamanthatheConservative says2016-12-16T04:17:18.9769580Z
College should be abolished.

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