Should colleges offer a Conservative Arts major in addition to Liberal Arts?

Posted by: triangle.128k

In conservative arts, you are taught to exploit the poor and benefit the top 10%, declare war against other countries for oil and to stockpile weapons. Students in Conservative Arts will also learn how to give more political power to the corporations, and making better Corporatism. You are also taught how to effectively discredit scientific studies with the Bible, and you will also commonly watch FOX News to keep up with the latest news. During debates, you will also gain extra credit for calling your an op

  • Yes, universities should offer Conservative Arts

  • No, there should just be Liberal Arts.

79% 19 votes
21% 5 votes
  • The "Liberal" from liberal arts does not mean the same thing as "Liberals" as in the leftist ideology. It has more to do with the original latin word which means, "worthy of a free person", and involves anything a person would need to take part in civic life. Their is no such thing as "Conservative arts".

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  • It is obvious the person who started this poll is against Conservative Arts, but it just seems like a bad idea. Liberal Arts isn't the same as the political philosophy and Conservative Arts seems like a ridiculous idea.

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triangle.128k says2015-10-23T02:29:40.8027900Z
"During debates, you will also gain extra credit for calling your opponent a "Socialist" or "Communist," you'll get even more extra credit by saying "They hate america" or "they hate the troops." Sorry, that part got cut off.
TBR says2015-10-23T02:51:24.1153399Z
reece says2015-10-23T02:51:43.2725083Z
While claiming the left is too pc? XD
triangle.128k says2015-10-23T02:57:15.6993010Z
By the ways, I know "liberal arts" has nothing to do with the left wing political ideology, this is just a joke poll.
reece says2015-10-23T08:46:16.0911931Z
So why are you picking conservative arts?
reece says2015-10-23T08:47:23.3908873Z
TBR says2015-10-23T15:00:17.7348347Z
What is great is you get to forgo any science, literature, history and anger management classes.
MLG_TBR says2015-10-23T20:11:55.6374978Z
Yo this is like the sickest idea eva. Y'all can learn how to effectively stupid. Dem darn libtards are too good for us.
TBR says2015-10-23T20:13:23.7947931Z
@MLG_TBR - Nice!!!
MLG_TBR says2015-10-23T22:18:54.5588127Z
@TBR Only learn from the best
reece says2015-10-24T15:24:06.9151572Z
Who is that?...Haroush?
TBR says2015-10-24T15:27:34.2119436Z
Hadn't though about Haroush. It could be.

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