Should Concorde return to the skies!

Posted by: GabeLipworth

Concorde was a supersonic aircraft that linked London and Paris to Washington and New York in just 3 hours! In 2003 it was taken out of service leading to aviation devolution!

  • Yes it should be used again in commercial service on British Airways and Air France

  • No it should remain in the museums and never return in the skies: Concorde is history!

75% 6 votes
25% 2 votes
  • It should return to the skies! Aviation technology has devolved! We need to travel faster! With Concorde, we could go to meetings a lot easier in the States and live in London! It improved connections between the US and France and the UK!

  • They can correct the mistake made, and since years have passed, technology is better, faster and safer. So if they do start making them again, they are bound to be safer.

  • Concorde was put out of service for a number of reasons, the main one being the fuel efficiency of the aircraft. It was truly terrible, in today's economic climate with fuel prices at an all time high, concorde would most likely not be economically viable. Concorde was also a very, very load machine and in fact it was banned flying across most countries - rendering its use to only trans-Atlantic or Pacific flights. It would be very nice indeed to see another supersonic aircraft return to the skies, though

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