Should confederate monuments and statues be removed.

Posted by: kitchener1899

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No they should not

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Yes they should be removed

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kitchener1899 says2015-06-25T18:19:39.9135528-05:00
Sorry about last choice it was an accident I did not mean to do that
Haroush says2015-06-25T21:05:46.6116227-05:00
If it is outside a museum, it should be removed? Give me some good reasons for this other than the misconception the confederate flag stands for mainly or solely slavery.
tajshar2k says2015-07-14T13:42:36.9812466-05:00
Because there is absolutely no reason too? Do we still have pre colonial statues of British viceroy's or governors? We don't because we no longer are affiliated with the British. Same here, we no longer are affiliated with the Confederacy. It has been defeated for for nearly 160 years. If people want to commemorate Confederates, go ahead, but the government has no obligation into honoring the enemy.
Haroush says2015-08-16T11:45:51.3783020Z
Like I have stated before, the men who fought and died on the Confederate side were fighting for their country just as much those from the Union side were. Even if you think Confederates had a false premise, this is what they believed and didn't see it the way those who opposed the Confederacy do.
us says2015-09-21T00:49:39.2244310Z
Tajshar2k The Confederacy was not the enemy to the southerners and there are monuments that commemorate the honor of the Confederate soldier and also in the south there are monuments that commemorate the Union soldier. So if you want the confederate monuments taken down the we should take all United States monuments down.

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