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Surgical castration should also be required to gays to reduce their sexual drive.They are perverts sick people .

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Danbury says2016-11-21T14:13:03.8122074Z
Btw, Roy Cohn was Trump's mentor. So, there you go.
missmedic says2016-11-21T14:41:51.5700827Z
This explains a lot..................... Http://elitedaily.Com/news/world/homophobic-men-aroused-gay-male-porn-surprised/
jo154676 says2016-11-21T16:01:13.2510061Z
Missmedic if you are in the medical field then you should know that you cannot determine a relationship between two things based on one "study" that failed to have a control group of homosexuals to determine how the arousal levels compared. Also the study used men of an average age of 20.3 meaning that a lot of them have not even discovered their own sexual identity yet so it is unfair to call them for sure heterosexual and homophobic. Lastly, they negated to mention that the homosexual video was played lastly so there is a possibility of the men still thinking about the images of the previous videos because they are so disgusted by the video that was playing at the time.
Danbury says2016-11-21T22:23:15.8359261Z
Gay people can "become straight" like straight people can "become gay". In other words, they can't. How many of you straight people believe you could convert to being gay but you just don't want to? People can be so stupid and ignorant.
The_Cat says2016-11-23T15:30:46.3521840Z
This entire debate is sick.

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