Should Creationism be taught alongside Evolution in science class?

Posted by: LogicPrevails

Should Creationism be in science class?

42 Total Votes

Only Evolution.

31 votes

Both as equal.

9 votes

Only Creationism.

2 votes
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dmussi12 says2014-04-27T18:02:11.1875480-05:00
Serious question for creationists: why do you try to get your 'theory' into schools instead of going the route of every other theory, meaning peer review and getting accepted among the scientific community?
Weeksie says2014-04-27T18:09:58.0176374-05:00
Sorry, Creationists, Apologists, and Intelligent Designists, your opinion is NOT equal to the overwhelming scientific evidence and consensus. Neither is your incredulity.
discomfiting says2014-04-27T18:33:50.4966548-05:00
Creationism shouldn't be taught in a science class. It should be taught in a religion class where children are exposed to many religions not just one.
diddleysquat says2014-04-27T18:36:45.5668435-05:00
Which creation story should be taught? There are hundreds of them - I particularly like the rainbow serpent one.
Seido says2014-04-27T18:37:50.4885932-05:00
Should it be taught as an equal to evolution? Definitely not; however, it certainly should be mentioned within science classes that other beliefs exist. It might not be a bad idea to explain what some of those beliefs are so that while the next generation is fully informed about evolution, they're also aware and tolerant of other beliefs.
Installgentoo says2014-04-27T19:12:43.8491080-05:00
@dmussi, there are many papers on intelligent design et al in scientific literature. I highly doubt you have read any of these papers/
briantheliberal says2014-04-27T19:13:45.5664410-05:00
No, keep your fairy tales out of an educational setting. Leave it in Sunday school please.
LogicPrevails says2014-04-27T19:16:05.5739968-05:00
Colorful comments section :)
SNP1 says2014-04-28T09:56:55.1737340-05:00
Installgentoo: And how many are unbiasedly peer reviewed?
Cat_Lover says2014-04-28T09:59:19.5178520-05:00
Bettabreeder, how has creationism been proven?
abyteofbrain says2014-04-28T10:19:40.1771823-05:00
Nothing has been proven.
Comrade_Silly_Otter says2014-04-28T10:21:59.6417924-05:00
Then how is it the Truth?
abyteofbrain says2014-04-28T11:27:41.4236187-05:00
If you are talking to me, you should make yourself clearer.
Loveshismom says2014-04-29T06:08:54.1743200-05:00
I will give you guys some logical-though-not-scientific evidence against evolution: our bodies are so well built and our personalities so different that I don't know how we could have come from one little cell, even if it did mutate.
Weeksie says2014-04-29T11:11:20.2026915-05:00
@Loveshismom: You are correct that your statement is completely unscientific, but I'm afraid it is only logical in the sense that it's a logical fallacy. Your inability to understand something is not evidence for your claim of a supernatural creator. That's called an "argument from personal incredulity." It is only evidence that you don't understand the basic concept of embryology (single cell to multicell development), not to mention the general concept of evolution by natural selection. It's not a crime to be ignorant of such things, but you probably shouldn't hold that ignorance up as a badge of honor, or evidence for anything else.

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