• Yes

  • No

52% 17 votes
48% 16 votes
  • They are annoying on the road.

  • I wanted to pick the other one but up here is where everyone can see. Cyclists should be on the road but in their own lane. if there is no lane then cars can not pass them with such speed or skill

  • 1) They Impede Traffic. 2) It's Very Dangerous For The Cyclist & The Driver

  • NO! Because just pretend that you are going to work or school and you need to turn near a robot so you can get to where you need to go. When you are about to turn there is a BICYCLE in the road and you have to go the long way round and be late! This happened to me a few days ago and I was so mad! I wasn't the only one mad, My kids principal was and so was my BOSS! Thank you s much cyclists and by the way. . . . . . . . . This happened TWICE in one week! Thank you for reading

  • Cycling is better for the environment! If people want to drive a car, then they should! If people want to ride a bike, then they should! They are getting exercise and it may be the sport that they play. For example, if you play soccer, you wouldn't want people yelling at you to get off the field or forcing you to. Be nice to bikers and respect them.

  • Cyclists should most definitely be on the road, nothing worse than walking down a busy street and an obnoxious cyclist trying to weave his way around people on the FOOTpath. Cyclists should obey the rules for cycling and keep the bikes on the road where they belong

    Posted by: KwLm
  • Cyclists are by law required to be on the road. If they follow the law, and you actually know how to drive everything should be fine.

    Posted by: ewsbsk
  • If you can't ride a bicycle on the road then where are you going to ride it to get somewhere?I don't live in the city where there might be sidewalks to use,I live where there are no sidewalks and I am many,many,miles from one.

  • The law states that cyclists are to remain on the road and not use sidewalks. We don't have sidewalks where I live so when I run or cycle is has to be on the road. I've been clipped twice by truck's side mirrors while running. For the sake of another's life, when approaching a runner or cyclist, please slow down and move entirely into the other lane.

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