Should dangerous drug use in specially licensed safe usage houses be legal

Posted by: MasturDbtor

By safe usage house I'm talking about a facility designed for people to go in, purchase drugs guaranteed for dose and purity (and with dose restrictions to prevent overdose), agree to remain for the duration of their high, and with a professional staff to prevent harm to self or others, keep people from trying to leave early, and to administer antidotes to overdose if necessary. This would be for the harder drugs i.e. PCP, bath salts, methamphetamine, datura (currently just plain legal I'm actually arguing

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Yes, this is a great solution to the problem of dangerous drugs

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Yes, but with other stipulations

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I don't know

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MasturDbtor says2014-07-14T23:58:48.8160367-05:00
It cut off my description. I was also going to suggest that people have to sign their names for the more addictive ones and then they would be turned away if they tried to get it again except after a certain period of time had elapsed.
Free_Th1nker says2014-07-15T01:21:06.2415946-05:00
Interesting idea, but their would have strict regulation and enforcement.
MasturDbtor says2014-07-15T16:18:34.2119094-05:00
@ Free_Th1nker Absolutely. The doors would need to lock. Straight jackets and mace would be on site in case they needed to be used. Tasers and guns would be for last resorts. These security measures would be listed in the contract signed by the user before checking in. There would be metal detectors at the doors. The professionals in charge (not necessarily the security guards) would require college degrees in psychology or neurology at the very least and as this becomes a specialty maybe even specific degrees in drug psychology. A big plus is this would lead to more scientific insights in the effects of drugs. A lot of people studying to be drug safe house professionals would later take their knowledge and experience into the field of research.

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