Should notify you with polling information only if you favorite it?

Posted by: MysticEgg

To help avoid notification spamming.

  • Yes!

  • No!

88% 14 votes
12% 2 votes
  • Because my phone keeps going off every 12 seconds.

    Posted by: leojm
  • Yes...this might just be me, but I fear that if I wait for two hours, I will have over 100 notifications, most of them from poll votes; meaning I cannot sort through them all quick enough. This might just be coming from an overactive poller, but this will become a nightmare soon...

  • The notifications are ridiculous. They were before the polls. Each time I'd click on my icon and the number would be so huge I wouldn't be able to see all of them. That's another thing why aren't we allowed to scroll down?

  • I get too many notifications on polls. It is just useless info. that I don't need. I would only want a notification from a poll that I made or it was favorite. I don't need notifications from a poll that someone just agreed or disagreed with (mostly because I don't care).

    Posted by: yay842
  • I agree, the notifications get out of control at times, but if you go into your account settings, you have the ability to turn them off. All notification types are set to on by default.

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AeneasPhebe says2013-09-03T16:06:34.6293837-05:00
Yes. I have a notification every second.
MysticEgg says2013-09-03T16:07:24.0511341-05:00
I can barely scroll down...If I do...The notifications...They'll haunt me! *breaks down into maddness*
marc.amarillas says2013-09-03T16:08:55.3033210-05:00
If you go into your account Settings, then notifications, you can configure the amount of poll notifications you receive.
birdlandmemories says2013-09-03T16:15:24.5818168-05:00
I get too many emails about polls.
Bullish says2013-09-03T16:16:34.4609187-05:00
Holy crap you're right... My email is flooded I gotta go check..
Bullish says2013-09-03T16:24:33.9499028-05:00
Solution - go here: http://www.Debate.Org/member/settings/notifications/
leojm says2013-09-03T16:34:05.7339351-05:00
Yes it helped, woo that saved my phone from overloading and crashing. Thank you.
MysticEgg says2013-09-03T16:55:41.6014288-05:00
SAVED! Praise marc! However, Is till think they should be off by default. Easier for new members.

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