• Yes!

  • Oh No

50% 10 votes
50% 10 votes
  • Doesn't sound to good. I can already see it coming? "You got a F on your test? Sorry, But I have to shoot you for that."

  • Just. . . why?!

  • The US is retarded when it comes to global facts. If we're talking about America specifically, i would wait for them to catch up to the rest of us developed countries with their educational system.

    Posted by: reece
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TBR says2015-03-04T16:23:16.1694101-06:00
@Warik - "everyone should be armed." Do you really want that?
Ducttapegirl101 says2015-03-12T09:05:37.3495375-05:00
I think they shouldn't, what if it is elementary school? What if children touch the weapon? What if that teacher is stupid? Or even mental?
bobwashere says2015-03-13T15:05:10.5279517-05:00
Not every one just the places that are targeted by mass shooters.
bobwashere says2015-03-13T15:06:45.8391005-05:00
Well if we arm teachers then the teachers will keep the gun in a safe place where the kids can not get the gun
bobwashere says2015-03-17T15:39:01.3572461-05:00
Well, which one sounds worse kids having 10 to 15 guards or their teacher having a gun?
Stefy says2015-03-17T15:42:15.4889974-05:00
Both. Both sound pretty terrible. The teacher one actually sounds worse
bobwashere says2015-03-19T15:01:13.7569647-05:00
Not to be rude Stefy but how old are you

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