Should dogs considered "dangerous breeds" be banned?

Posted by: ellen_hill24

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They shouldn't

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They should

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ladiesman says2018-01-10T00:04:55.1626449Z
I am extremely wary of pit bulls. I have heard two stories of brutal pit bull attacks; the first I heard while in elementary school: A boy was out riding his bike, and three pit bulls attacked him. His injuries required surgery to repair. And a woman in Virginia was mauled by her own pet pit bulls.
CatalyticConvertersRule says2018-01-19T00:00:17.3800528Z
See how tough and mean they are when a bullet is flying into their head. God damned animals. They also help pigs out, too, making for a very mean and useless animal. Anyone who owns one is a drug dealer.
CatalyticConvertersRule says2018-01-19T00:03:03.7416520Z
I also know a person who has TWO MUTTS along with TWO KIDS. They are over 100 lbs. And she has to keep them in a CAGE!! That's an example of a LOW I.Q. Right there. She had to "put the one down" - well, what does she think the other is going to do? Dumb people own these things, along with drug dealers. Wait til YOU are attacked by one and you will see.
Arganger says2018-01-19T00:06:34.1896990Z
@CatalyticConvertersRule What a racist.
Faloncomer22 says2018-02-19T17:09:10.3292694Z
Ok so just so you all know any dog can be dangerous in fact anything can be dangerous and pitbulls are actually one of the sweetest dogs the only way they aren’t is if they are trained to be bad why don’t you guys go to this website and read up on the facts of what these dogs really go through because you can’t believe everything you hear so just go to the website and then rethink what you are saying. And if you still have a negative opinion about these poor dogs then you clearly don’t have a heart.

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