• Yes Donald trump be president

  • No donald trump should not be president

29% 14 votes
71% 35 votes
  • Donald Trump is the only Republican candidate that has dramatically different view points, he is not a traditional Republican. Granted he has a lot of controversial view points, but I believe that most of these will be stamped out by the Supreme Court as being unconstitutional.

  • wants to erect a wall to keep garbage out, yeah i support! plus his hair rocks!

  • 1.Trump believes in American exceptionalism. 2.Trump is tough, unafraid to flex America’s muscles, and has the backbone America needs to take on the evil growing around the world. 3.Trump is an experienced and tough dealmaker. 4.Trump is not politically correct; he’s not afraid to say what he believes and has ignited an honest debate. 5.Trump demands high performance and will fire anyone that doesn’t meet his high standards. 6.Trump is committed to education. 7.Trump “built that business” and many more and will run America like a business. 8.Trump will not balance his job as President with golf and other social events. 9.Trump’s loyalty will be only to America and Americans—not any political party, special interest group or foreign entity. 10.Trump will support American laws, the Constitution, and the nation’s borders.

  • Trump tells it like it is, so if you don't like it, then go cry in a corner.

  • Donald trump should be president because he cares about the big problems like how to stop Isis, and that even though he

  • Donald Trump's ideas are crazy alone ,but when he goes against his own beliefs you can tell he is either a hypocrite or a dishonest person.

  • Running a country is not the same as running a reality tv show.

  • If he runs this country anything like how he runs his business...didn't he admit that his business has filed for bankruptcy four times?||Thing is, no matter who is elected, we're screwed (they all seem pretty terrible) just like always.

  • No, of course not! He is more of a clown than a leader! But I think he will win, because he seems to be doing better than any of the other candidates!

  • Donald Trump is a bully, and has no integrity or character. I cannot believe how absurd people are to not see this just by watching his debate tactics. He calls people out, talks around himself in circles, and lies. He's also extremely rude. This country will NOT win win win if he is elected as president, it will go down in flames. I don't know about you, but personally it doesn't sound very exciting to be part of a dying country because I voted for a ruthless lying idiot.

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  • Donald Trump doesn't have any detailed policies. He plays on the emotions of voters. When asked to give detailed explanations of his policies or ideas he is not able to give any sort of substantial answer. For goodness sake this man couldn't even handle Meagan Kelly so how do you expect him to handle ISIS.

    Posted by: Zaxxin
  • he is evil

  • He could annoy isis and they might declare war

  • because he sucks and is raciest

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Mimi2000 says2016-04-18T11:31:19.0666654Z
TheDuke117 Donald Trump has a very unique opinion of America, he doesn't tell it as it is, he says his opinion and many people have the same opinion. He is quite a racist person and is very sexist.
hcd1997 says2016-04-18T15:11:52.7250960Z
Mimi2000 that is so true
drakewhitehouse2005 says2017-02-23T14:57:36.0098186Z
The election is over Donald won.

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