Should duelling be legalized?

Posted by: DakotaS01

Duelling was a practice that was very popular amongst Americans and Europeans alike. While the methods may have changed at times depending on location and generation, it all came down to a fight between two people with a lethal outcome. Recently, Canada proposed a bill that may legalize the practice once again. Do you think it should be allowed?

  • Yes, it should be legal.

  • No, regardless, it is murder and should not be allowed.

86% 19 votes
14% 3 votes
  • Why should it be legal well why not kill your enemy through a good old fashioned duel.

  • With consent from all participating parties, yes. If you are willing to risk your life in a duel then you should have that right, but only if there is some sort of paper work to confirm that all participants are sane, consenting, adults who are not forced to participate but do it from their own free will. And even if fight to the death is the worst case scenario there would definitely be people who would spare their "enemies".

  • Allow consenting adults to do whatever they please as long as their behavior does not effect those outside of their agreement.

    Posted by: NInjzz
  • Yes, fight fight fight fight

  • I would say no, but watching overly-emotional idiots kill each other would be great.

  • Dueling is inherently honorable, and would allow serious disputes to be settled, without outsourcing justice to an overburdened, and sometimes unreliable legal system, It also has a eugenic factor, since people who naturally have aggressive/violent mentalities would be more prone to using dueling as a blood-sport, which will eventually lead to them being removed from the genepool. This is preferable to them sating their bloodlust on innocents

  • If it is between two consenting adults and the government has approved of it and set a location for the duel to take place.

  • If it were to be legalized, it should be heavily regulated by the state

  • first of all i hope this is a joke, but my simple answer would be no it is murder and for government to legalize any kind of murder it would lead to a slippery slope.

    Posted by: fnh246
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reece says2017-07-16T09:20:22.5419389Z
Canada also legalized witchcraft. But it's less to do with sorcery, more to do with fraud. As for dueling, it'll be legal as long as it's completely nonviolent. No pistols, swords, or anything of the like. Initiating a duel with a glove to the face? I'm guessing that'll be okay.

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