• Yes

  • No

48% 10 votes
52% 11 votes
  • This man is mentally unstable and I don't feel comfortable living with this man lurking in my country. The death penalty will save lives. It will discourage crimes and punish the worst. Also I don't want this man sitting in prison eating my tax dollars.

  • Yes. He is a serious threat to society, he killed innocent people because of hatred. Since he felt it was right to take innocent lives, he should pay for his decision with his own life. No mercy should be shown nor do I want to pay to keep him alive rotting in a cell.

    Posted by: Najs
  • Absolutely. Do it via firing squad as well

  • Economic reasons

  • Yes, he killed nine people, your kidding right!

  • People shouldn't kill people.

  • I'm starting to resist death penalty more and more :(. I used to be totally for it, now I'm split, so for now no.

  • we should not be in the business of killing ppl. how does ending the life of someone we judge to be "unworthy" of life... make us any better than this man?

  • I wouldnt have a problem with execution however it is ultimately more expensive than life in prison and for that reason we shouldn't do it. Many also consider life in prison to be worse than the death penalty so we have no objective way of determining which punishment is worse making the cheaper option more logical.

  • Think about it. Eventually he'll probably come to grips with what he did. And he'll have to remember that. Forever. And ever. And ever. Until the day of his death. Isn't that mental torture better than death?

  • Life in Prison

  • He did nothing wrong.

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Kreakin says2015-06-20T09:33:30.2211556-05:00
"This man is mentally unstable" Surely that's a good reason not to execute someone, or are the mentally ill to be killed even if they are not culpable. I think that happened last in WW2.
skyfish says2015-06-20T10:22:26.4619333-05:00
"I don't feel comfortable living with this man lurking in my country." he will be "lurking" in a maximum security prison, not hanging around outside your favorite deli
tommytom says2015-06-20T10:22:59.4283675-05:00
Mental instability is not something you can easily... I can't think of the right word, so I'll just say "fix". If anything, he should go to a mental asylum and get the help he both needs for the people and deserves for himself.
Renegader says2015-06-21T16:05:50.8363547-05:00
Killing shouldn't be acceptable only when the government does it
SB1359 says2015-06-26T16:50:31.6726035-05:00
Killing is bad, but so is he... But if he killed, than he deserves it... But killing is bad.... I'M CONFLICTED

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