Should Eastern Asia have more western influence?

Posted by: Foxian

  • Yes

  • No

19% 3 votes
81% 13 votes
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PericIes says2015-08-24T05:30:34.0881392Z
Influence on the West or from the West? I don't understand the question.
MasturDbtor says2015-08-24T08:26:54.4596538Z
And what is meant by "more western influence"? What about the west? Or in what way is the East influencing the west?
stargate says2015-08-24T10:38:01.0763605Z
China needs it.
Foxian says2015-08-24T11:04:08.8756142Z
@stargate: Please elaborate on that
Foxian says2015-08-24T11:50:39.2967014Z
For anyone confused about the question, here's the question rephrased: "Should the west have more influence on Eastern Asia?" Sorry to anyone that was confused
MasturDbtor says2015-08-24T21:07:55.8209900Z
@ Foxian What aspects of western influence? Some cultures in east Asia have more liberal attitudes towards nudity. I don't think the anti-nudity aspect of Western culture is healthy in the least, so as far as that one I'd say no. If you mean spreading democracy and human rights I would say yes.
Foxian says2015-08-24T23:12:58.7709684Z
@MasturDbtor: Mainly culture. Also I'd say that all of Eastern Asian culture is anti-nudity, in China and South Korea it's considered exposing by a large of amount of people to show even your collarbones for females. Although if you're including Southeast Asia into that then it'd probably be more liberal attitudes.
MasturDbtor says2015-08-25T13:03:48.0809079Z
@ Foxian I was thinking more of Japan where they have the "Naked Festivals" which in some villages is done in fundoshi but others completely naked. They also have bathhouses where people are traditionally naked. And when it's hot outside and men are working they will often work in fundoshi.

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