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  • Shooters should be banned, as their whole point is just repeat the exact same setting/scene time and time again, where the whole point is killing. No back story, no reasons given. The other team is must be killed. These games never give another option. What did they do? To whom? Do they really deserve to be killed in the spot? These games have no point but to form stupid people who question nothing and do what they are told.

    Posted by: Rafe
  • Why? It entertains kids and it sometimes is educational, and shooter games can improve reaction speed and other physical skills.

    Posted by: yay842
  • It is not some random person's right to let his/her opinion control the whole world, especially when it is not hurting the person or society.

  • The majority of people playing shooter games don't go on killing sprees. If you can't handle the game then you've got problems that far exceed what a video can throw at you.

  • it gives you a faster reaction time and better reflexes

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