Should European countries be forced to take in lots of migrants?

Posted by: Dilara

21% of the migrants are Syrian, while others are pretending to be Syrian to get to Europe. Many have been committing violent crimes, like rape, against Europeans.

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Dilara says2015-11-11T02:31:33.9700557Z
Heres some more info.
Dilara says2015-11-11T05:11:30.0358986Z
58. But immigration to europe is devastating europe.
Dilara says2015-11-11T05:12:44.4244575Z
Komodo and brenden. Heres just some of the violence, recently caused my migrants in Europe.
58539672 says2015-11-11T05:16:39.9747118Z
@Dilara Im more or less of the opinion that Europe has been spouting this, "Freedom of movement" thing for so long that they should try and take their own medicine for once.
Dilara says2015-11-11T14:25:49.2378835Z
58. Its the people who will suffer and are suffering not the government.
UtherPenguin says2015-11-11T17:40:42.2261552Z
@triangle.128k Islamism is a political ideology. There's pretty much nothing Islamic about rape.
Stephany says2015-12-06T09:03:43.6758463Z
I believe in freedom of choice.

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