Should euthanasia be available for terminally ill patients?

Posted by: sara.anndee

  • Yes

  • No

80% 20 votes
20% 5 votes
  • To anyone who no longer wants to live can choose whatever they wish. It doesn't make them selfish or stupid it just means they are sick of living on this lifeless planet.

  • Yes but there must be very strict restrictions on this.

  • I think they should because it is their life, not yours.

  • If you had it and you were in pain everyday, you would want to die.

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BaronVonSandwich says2016-11-13T22:48:19.4515386Z
This question is very personal and very Conditional. 1. A person could want to end their life because they see no end to the suffering and no good in their life. A little bit of psychology could be all they need 2. There may be no end to the suffering and they do need euthanasia, however, this could be easily argued either way. It all comes down to your opinion, really...
sara.anndee says2016-11-14T01:09:42.2452796Z
And that is why this is a poll, BaronVonSandwhich, to have people voice their opinions.
BaronVonSandwich says2016-11-14T01:24:43.6502578Z

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