Should euthanasia be legalized?

Posted by: debatemaster3395

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Yes, it should be legalized

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No, it shouldn't be legalized.

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Not in most cases

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Axonly says2017-09-12T09:16:36.6095198Z
@Arganger : Suffering from extreme pain, with only death to wait for isn't valuable for some people. Some just don't want to have to suffer unnecessarily for no reason at all. If they want to be euthanized, and they are able to give informed consent, then why not let theme?
Arganger says2017-09-12T14:00:42.9446788Z
@Axonly Death doesn't end the pain. It just end the life. People can learn to live with just about any amount of pain and enjoy life, and that should be the focus.
Axonly says2017-09-12T18:38:54.1087231Z
Death does end the pain though, it makes no sense to say it doesn't. Some people might be able to, but others can't. If I was terminally ill and suffering immensely, I know I would have no interest in trying to enjoy the misery.
Arganger says2017-09-13T00:31:31.8477922Z
@Axonly You don't know that, people can handle a lot more than they think they can and life goes beyond pain. It isn't the pain you would be enjoying it's everything else, the pain would just be part of life, not everything to it.
Axonly says2017-09-13T05:23:36.9408700Z
At least from the secular belief, there is no pain after death. That is a biological certainty. The pain would not be worth it, and its quite unfair to force people to go through that because that's your person view.
Arganger says2017-09-13T12:53:11.5042475Z
From a secular view, death has no pain but only because their is nothing after death. The pain would become the final point in their life and they would not ever feel free of it, I am religious but I'm arguing under the assumption you aren't. And pain is worth it, it is my assumption you have not been in a large amount of pain for a significant time, but I have, and you can learn to live with pain, it just becomes normal after a while, yeah the pain sucks but you just live on. Anyone can, people are stronger than they think.
Axonly says2017-09-14T00:00:36.0594330Z
Some people don't want to have to try and tough it out. Some just want it to end, it's incredibly cruel to force them to go through it because it's your belief that everyone should tough it out.
Arganger says2017-09-14T00:17:20.7044743Z
It's more cruel for this avoidable slope to be treaded on. Many countries that have had it legal for a long time euthanize a whole lot more than dying in pain people, including children without consent of the child (Only the consent of the parent), and many disabled people are pressured into it to avoid being a "Burden". That's a lot more scary than some people living with pain.
KwLm says2017-09-30T15:41:32.9120753Z
@Arganger It appears to me, you seem to be arguing as someone who has never had the pleasure of living with immense pain, so much that it is unbearable. If one is able to live and wishes to live with a pain that is crippling, then it is their choice, if a person does not wish to live such a life and as Axonly said, they are able to give informed consent, they should be allowed the relief of death. Every human should have the right to choose to take their life if they so wish, in these cases they just need a bit of help.
Arganger says2017-09-30T16:01:39.7098738Z
@KwLm Actually I am in near constant pain. That's how I know it is both possible to live in pain and enjoy life. If it isn't legal for everyone to kill themselves then no one should be able to, as it deems one life as more worth protection.
KwLm says2017-09-30T16:41:06.2602138Z
@Arganger, If you are in "near" constant pain and able to enjoy life, then you are one that is able to do so, what about the person that isn't able to do anything because the body has shut down due to unimaginable pain, just because you can do it, doesn't mean everybody is the same as you. It's illegal to take narcotics yet an incredible number of people do it, it's illegal to take another persons life, yet people do it, so why not give a person the choice to leave the mortal realm if they so wish to do so. How is it fair to leave a person in pain they can not stand anymore because you can do something they can't?

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