Should every person on earth get Mandatory Vaccinations against all diseases?

Posted by: CatalyticConvertersRule

Even though they cause autism and cancer and have mercury, baby fetuses, and other poisons in them?

Poll closed on 1/5/2018 at 1:45AM.
  • California vaccinations SHOULD BE mandatory for all living creatures as soon as they are born to protect everyone.

  • Vaccines are proven to cause Autism, in some cases Cancer, have baby fetuses in them, formaldehyde (carcinogen), mercury, thimerosol and a whole host of other toxic chemicals!

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Debatosaurus says2018-01-05T12:45:03.2179294Z
retro963 says2018-07-31T18:34:49.2036663Z
I say no vac
retro963 says2018-07-31T18:35:12.9312663Z
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Casey15 says2018-12-15T22:01:28.6005874Z
Yes, They should be mandatory

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