• Yes

  • No

63% 12 votes
37% 7 votes
  • IF we have the capability to sustain them comfortably for the natural lifespan.

    Posted by: yahuaa
  • it would help scientists

  • It would be super cool to revive like mammoths, and megladons.

  • Some, yes. Any species that humans have hunted to extinction should be a candidate. If the ecological niche that animal left behind has not yet been filled by another species, we should seriously consider reintroducing them. Also we need dinosaurs, because reasons.

  • But it would have to depend on the species

  • i think so but still it would drastically change our ecosystems and the climate would be very different.

  • Because, our life would be different. What if Dodo's were actually dangerous, that's probably why hunters killed them ALL.

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emmalynn says2015-04-15T11:32:09.2022490-05:00
Hunters were not the main killers of the dodo bird. It was mainly dogs and other animals
CannedBread says2015-04-15T19:31:09.0002777-05:00
Not really the dodo bird had no natural predators, maybe dogs would eat them but it was mainly hunters.
yahuaa says2015-04-16T10:15:57.7054298-05:00
Dang dodos! If anything I think that'll help us as a species remember our roots, given in the hypothetical dodo's are extremely adept hunters. WE are the greatest hunters and we ought to reclaim the title.
emmalynn says2015-04-16T12:39:08.2234086-05:00
The sailors did hunt the birds because they were easy to catch because they were not afraid of humans. The animals the sailors brought with them were the MAIN reason they are extinct.

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