Should fathers have a right to make a decision before the abortion?

Posted by: jkidding

I believe that if the father is willing to keep the child unless of rape than why not let the father keep the baby before the mother murders it.

  • Yes

  • No

82% 18 votes
18% 4 votes
  • Legally no but as a moral, the female should take some type of consider of the appeal to emotion (given they're married or in a serious relationship).

  • Definitely no. Fetus is part of woman's body.

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Haroush says2014-07-11T22:05:03.1342297-05:00
I think the decision should be based on the circumstances, not on the mother or fathers opinion.
jkidding says2014-07-11T22:09:42.1425771-05:00
Haroush- you make a great point but I still believe that unless that child is dead inside the mother nobody has a right to decide.
Stalin_Mario says2014-07-11T22:22:36.6677719-05:00
If the father wants to have an abortion, yet the mother decides to not have it, then the farther should not have to pay child support; however, he wont be able to see the child ever. In the end, the mother can decide what she wants, no matter what the father says. The father (or anyone for that matter) can't force a women to have an abortion or to not have an abortion.
jkidding says2014-07-11T22:39:27.5972898-05:00
Sralin- there maybe ways to make that work why give up a life of an innocent humane if there is someone still willing to keep that life. I understand what you are saying but if there is some way that the father is able to have a right to make this decision why aren't they given a chance?
reece says2014-07-11T23:20:42.3524930-05:00
People who don't like the idea of an abortion shouldn't be voting...
jkidding says2014-07-11T23:24:42.5319667-05:00
Reece-Why do you say this?
discomfiting says2014-07-12T10:45:59.3187189-05:00
Probably because people who are against abortion, are against it generally 100% of the time or only in cases of rape or incest or a danger to the woman's life- because people who anti-abortion don't think anybody should have the right
Preston says2014-07-14T10:43:10.9385687-05:00
I'm just going to put BOO abortion completely here

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