Should free speech be banned on college campuses?

Posted by: mbuckskin

Poll closed on 8/1/2017 at 12:00AM.
  • Yes!

  • No, never.

11% 2 votes
89% 16 votes
  • Universities should be a intellectual hub that supports a free thinking environment. Administrators at the institutions should work towards classrooms that promote student's ideas, no matter how outrageous. If a Private University would like to restrict free speech and break apart from federal laws and regulation then the only stipulation would be a severing of federal financial aid to the University in my view. Also i would believe that a institution that limits free speech on campus will only weaken their students ability to solve real world issues and thus will only make the real world more challenging for their graduates. I do not believe free speech should be limited on campus, however if a university did want to enact rules to limit free speech then the federal government should not actively fund a unconstitutional institution.

  • Free speech is a fundamental part of our society, democracy cannot function without it. An a university, a place of learning and debate, is one of the most important places for freedom of speech. We must be able to have true debate, even with the most vile of philosophies like Fascism.

  • It doesn't matter if you are offended by it, free speech should be allowed. The purpose of college is to be exposed to new ideas. Even ideas you don't like.

    Posted by: BennyW
  • You would think places of reasoning would be the first place it would be allowed.

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reece says2017-07-26T16:11:33.4094006Z
Free speech is big government
Shad0wXx says2017-09-10T22:32:39.9672226Z
If it's owned by an individual or company, I don't see why not-if you own it, shouldn't you be able to choose? If it's government-owned, however, I think not. The government's job is to serve the people. I believe that means not backing down to people who want free speech banned because they are "offended" by it.

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