Should furries be exterminated

Posted by: rObLoXkIdD69

Furries identify themselves as animals so we should be able to exterminate them like the invasive animals they are

  • It should be legal to exterminate all furries

  • Furries should not be exterminated

80% 45 votes
20% 11 votes
  • there is already too many of them, And they just need to all go die


  • if they want to be animals, They should be able to be hunted like them.

  • yeS

  • They are the scum of the earth! Death to all! Awoooo!

  • Gamers rise up we must exterminate the furries, The furries have been alive for too long. Thots, Make those sandwhiches its going to be a long war

  • They are legally animals therefore we can hunt them

  • they tortured our people for to long. . . . Now we stand up and rise again.

  • One raped one of my plow dogs four springs ago, I reckon. Ole Charles was never the same again. Ev'ry time we'd go to one of them sportsball games Charles would freak out at one of them sportsball mascots. He'd hide his bum and started whining real real loud. One time I had to punch out one of em soccer moms cause Charles wouldn't stop barkin. Its a sgame. He passed away last fall from gingivitis

  • Pwease dunt kill meh mistuh uwu

  • they gave my poor doggo aids! #AnimalRights

  • They want to live like animals so we hunt them like animals

  • Why because Im A fELlOw GaMeR

  • furries are a disgrace to the world and need to be exterminated


  • Every furry on this planet should die a very painful death. They are what's wrong with this world and they all should be exterminated. Every bad thing that's in this world leads back to furries. They are the cause to everyone's problems and people need to come to terms with that before it's too late. LEGALIZE THE EXTERMINATION OF FURRIES!

  • You see if you wanna be an animal your treated like an animal so I would like to legalize hunting furriest. (PS. Please don't take this seriously it's a joke and you can do whatever the heck ya wanna do)

  • there gust people and they like to do there own thing so it not really are right to take what fun for them away

  • don't worry about what they doing and you go do you and make some money javascript:void(0)

    Posted by: Kabbii
  • I think extermination is a bit extreme, Maybe court ordered therapy

  • We all need someone to laugh at and these people make themselves into prime targets. It's always justifiable to ridicule people based on their choices and if your not a mascot and choose to put one of these one and wear it in public, Your begging for others to make fun of you. The least we can do it have a good laugh at their expense.

    Posted by: MitchV
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Wolf_GIRL says2018-12-01T16:23:53.2454805Z
All you people who hate furries. Stop
Wolf_GIRL says2018-12-01T16:24:34.1226576Z
All you people who hate furries. Stop
Minddagger says2018-12-01T16:26:24.9868209Z
No. @Wolf_GIRL
iLikeThotsNotFurries says2018-12-02T00:36:42.6937193Z
It raped one of. My plow dogs
MitchV says2018-12-03T09:11:55.0049748Z
@worlf_girl, I don't hate them. They are so much fun to ridicule. It's one thing to be mentally ill but when turn your illness into a public image, Your basically begging for people to make fun of you.
xX_FurryKiller_Xx101 says2018-12-03T17:46:52.9829796Z
They deserve to die and burn in the fiery gates of furry helllll!

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