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Varrack says2016-09-24T20:11:59.6866599Z
@NewLifeChristian - a lot of the polls aren't even included Johnson and Stein as options. If they had been, he'd be polling much higher.
distraff says2016-09-24T20:27:44.2175822Z
No, all polling for Johnson and Stein include them as options obviously. The highest polls ever was had Johnson at 13% below the 15% minimum. The lowest polls show him at 5%. He is averaging between 7.6-9.2% and is at 8.5% right now. Stein is polling at only 2.8% and is much lower than 5% that she was polling in June. Http://www.Realclearpolitics.Com/epolls/2016/president/us/general_election_trump_vs_clinton_vs_johnson_vs_stein-5952.Html
NewLifeChristian says2016-09-26T22:11:26.2829445Z
@Varrack Yeah, distraff explained it right. You have to be a 10%. Johnson's average high is 9.2%, which is still not enough to make the cut.
NewLifeChristian says2016-09-26T22:15:04.5356572Z
Actually, I was wrong. Here's what CNN said: "The candidates needed to make a 15% polling threshold across several major national polls in order to qualify for the debates. The commission determined that the polling averages for the candidates had Clinton at 43%, Trump at 40.4%, Johnson at 8.4% and Stein at 3.2%." You have to be at 15%, not 10%. So, even at 9.2%, he is still far off.
magnolia.68 says2016-10-12T04:38:41.6421506Z
I think it would be great to hear some new ideas other than the Democratic ones and the Republican ones that we've been hearing forever.

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