• Legal - Equality for all!

  • Illegal - Equality for most!

74% 56 votes
26% 20 votes
  • No doubt about it. If it's against your religion, then tough luck, but that's not a reason to enforce it unto everyone else.

  • What idiot would pick NO.

    Posted by: Numble
  • Even if it is a chose and your religion is against homosexuality, it should still be legal because 1) this is a secular state, 2) if you were to make it illegal you should also consider making it illegal to divorce unless adultery has been committed and you have to wait until you are married to have sex or else you are just picking and choosing what to believe about the bible and 3) Marriage isn't a Christian thing, it was around before Christianity so we have no say in how it should be handled.

  • Yes because my homie Sir awesome sauce the thired is going to get married to this beautiful man one day. He loves him and they have some good head, I've watched. I can't wait for the three way.

  • Yes, even if you overlook all religious arguments, it's still technically unconstitutional for a state in the U.S.A. to ban gay marriage. The 14th Amendment is supposed to stop states from giving one group of natural born U.S. citizens any less rights than other natural born U.S. citizens. Somehow this must've gotten overlooked by the federal government when they realized being gay can't be "prayed away" or "cured."

  • Why is this such a big deal to people? If a guy and a guy want to have a relationship together, let them. What they do in the bedroom is their business, not the government's.

  • If you are religious tough, we live in a secular state. Read the first amendment.

  • Really, they should not have to fight to marry the one they love.

  • Homosexuals demand equal rights. However, they are assuming that heterosexuality is equal to homosexuality. The only way that is true is if homosexuals have their own physiology that fits their sexual activities. Otherwise, they are heterosexuals by design who choose to engage in alternative sexual activities, just like the other (potentially infinite) sexual orientations.

  • Homosexuality goes against what our Creator tells us to do.

  • Homosexuality is an addictive, mental illness and vice. A crime.

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debatung says2015-03-16T21:45:42.4713756-05:00
What if this situation were vice versa and heterosexuals were against the word of god. Don't you think that there would be something done or would we just play it off and stick to the norm. You can't force your sexuality you didn't chose to be what you are and you shouldn't force yourself to be something your not. This really shouldn't be an issue, were actually fighting to cease someone's happiness because some people just don't want to see it and that is just wrong. You shouldn't be told who you have to love because you should have the right to chose who you love. The world would really be a better place if we all just accepted that we all have the right to chose what we want. No one should be able to refrain someone from doing other wise.

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