Should Gay Marriage be legalized for every country?

Posted by: sara_ann_dee

  • Yes

  • No

49% 18 votes
51% 19 votes
  • but it is not America's job to enforce this. Can we educate? Yes. We cannot use force.

  • Everyone deserves the right to be with someone they love.

  • yes because if you love that one guy, you should be able to marry the dude of your life

  • Freedom to choose.

  • yes

  • I believe that, according to our constitution, that every man and woman has the right to choose who he/she lives their life with. I hope that others will help to enlist others and help to bring to others the attention of this matter. I believe that it is each person's opinion, and that no one person should take sides with another person just because of their cause or their opinion. I hope you choose faithfully.

  • There is no such thing as gay marriage, it's an oxymoron.

  • What is gay "Marriage"?

  • I think it is wrong to be gay, but the thing that really bothers me is that gay people are trying to force it on the rest of society.

  • No. Homosexuality is degeneration and do not function with their own natural biology.

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emerson_helms says2016-03-02T00:03:19.3248639Z
My aunt's gay
Anomie22 says2016-03-03T16:22:52.2241559Z
Who gives a fuck what two consenting adults are doing in their bedrooms.
Heterodox says2016-03-03T20:46:12.2000731Z
@Anomie22 Odd, I thought the question was about gay marriage (an oxymoron), not gays in their bedrooms.
ihave2dadz says2016-03-04T13:59:58.8505256Z
Ur all gay
ihave2dadz says2016-03-04T14:02:23.9626558Z
Get rekt m8
peetaur says2016-03-14T23:58:27.4759319Z
Marriage shouldn't be "legalized" (does not mean "allowed"... Means more like "regulated" or "controlled") at all.

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