Should gay marriage, polygamy, or incest be allowed?

Posted by: MinnieMau5

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Gay marriage YES!!

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MinnieMau5 says2014-06-22T17:19:15.7758888-05:00
Please feel free to comment why you believe that way.
CarterWale says2014-06-22T17:24:36.5194152-05:00
Yes, gay-marriage only though
briantheliberal says2014-06-22T18:01:51.6408701-05:00
Gay Marriage - Yes because there is no logical reason why it shouldn't be allowed. Polygamy - Yes but only under certain circumstances, with limitations regarding marriage. Incest - Yes and No, it should be allowed if it's between consenting adults, but there is a risk of children being born with genetic defects from this type of relationship which is why I usually cannot decide with this one.
TheReycoco says2014-06-22T18:09:15.2427517-05:00
I feel as though they're not quite comparable. As briantheliberal said, within certain restrictions, all of these should be allowed, it's just a matter of specifying. I find it hard to vote things like these.
sierra999 says2014-06-23T02:13:05.5844652-05:00
Gay marraige? Yes, as human beings we are free to love who ever we like and marry whoever. Polygamy? Yes again we are free to marry whoever we want. Inscest? Nope thats sick.
Warik says2014-06-24T17:25:05.8807988-05:00
I would disagree with polygamy. The inheritance laws for divorce would be difficult and other laws regarding a group of people marrying each other would be difficult to create. Gay marriage is the only one that should be allowed and only because its between two consenting adults that causes no ill harm or legal difficulties

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