• Yes. They suck!!!

  • No. They're beneficial!!!

33% 3 votes
67% 6 votes
  • The tests have no meaning in GCSE and the things you learn in school you do not need in the real world. For example, I was never taught how to balance my money for rent, food etc but I know hoe to annotate a unseen poem and how to calculate an angle of a triangle with sohcahtoa. I think we should be taught and tested on the real issues that we get faced in the real world when we have a job and a family to provide for.

    Posted by: Kerys
  • You don't need them as an adult and tests are unnecessary stress on students. You CAN and SHOULD trust them to choose what they need to learn. They will learn on their own, Humans are naturally curious. You don't need threats like tests to get them to study and if you do then you need to change the curriculum and make it interesting or let them choose to be in that class. It's idiotic.

  • Learning is so important, and I don't think we can trust kids to actually learn in school unless they have the prospect of tests and so revise sufficiently. Furthermore it allows employers to very quickly gauge if someone is appropriate for a job. Otherwise they would have to test the whole of Britain to decide good applicants.

  • It depends. Are GCSEs the standard thing that you get in schools where you stay? SQAs are standard where I stay, but i'm not going to a public school, so i'm going to be doing GCSEs

  • GCSEs provide a standardised assessment across the entire nation, meaning that colleges, universities and future employers can look at your grades and assess where your strengths lie and determine whether you would fit in. Yes they may be frustrating but they are a necessary evil to assess peoples academic ability.

    Posted by: Immy99
  • They shouldn't be abolished just made a bit easier

    Posted by: Zinora
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shore00 says2016-08-27T23:29:34.3756284Z
If you take economics you learn how to do your taxes, and if you have a good teacher like I did they'll give you advice on money and financing. I think schools should require classes about managing your money and paying bills along with how to use a credit card.

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