Should "gender neutral" bathrooms exist?

Posted by: rustybacon

Just want to know your opinions. :)

  • YES, gender neutral bathrooms should exist.

  • NO, gender neutral bathrooms shouldn't exist.

37% 54 votes
63% 92 votes
  • yes because gender is a part of our identity. it help to definite ourselves. BUT we should have the right to choose what gender that we want.

  • why tf not

  • I believe there should be gender neutral toilets with an option for male and female toilets too. I know as a gender fluid person I would benefit from this. If people are more aware in toilets and bathrooms if someone is in trouble that rape could happen but also be prevented.

  • I have an autistic son who can't go to the restroom alone. If my husband is not with me it's awkward to take him into the restroom for ladies.

  • Gender-neutral bathrooms are a great way to be more inclusive of transgender and non-binary individuals, who may not be comfortable using either male or female bathrooms. If there are divided cubicles and stalls, it doesn't really matter what gender the person using the one next to you anyway.

  • so if one is not working you can use the other

  • People are made as they are and have specific genitals, based on their genitals will decide which restroom they are to use. For them to be separated would consider them as outsiders and outcasts which is one of the reasons they feel discriminated against- because the people consider them as a different type of gender- so by having different restrooms for them would give them a case to argue and having two separate restrooms for male and female would partially fix the issue.

  • Give people the choice to choose which bathroom they identify with. Yes, there are issues with this, but single bathrooms can easily be gender-neutral. Then, for stall (multi-person) bathrooms, have three: girls, boys, and neutral. So boys go in boys, girls go in girls, and anyone else who chooses to abstain from 'gender' norms can go into a bathroom where they won't be harassed.

    Posted by: LMAYA
  • Sure, and there should be an "Enter at your own risk" sign at the front. Although if my tax dollars are paying for a hundred thousand dollar installation of an additional bathroom, I'll have to respectfully decline.

  • Gender Neutral bathrooms tend to be cleaner.

    Posted by: asta
  • Why do we need to distinguish between genders? Everyone uses the restroom. Make all of the bathrooms into rooms with toilet and urinal--and a door. Then it doesn't matter whose in where and people can go back to minding their own business.

    Posted by: Kathe
  • People do identify as something other than male and female and would feel more comfortable using a gender neutral bathroom. Gender neutral bathrooms should also exist because trans people might not feel completely safe using the bathroom of the gender they identify with.

    Posted by: ashtxn
  • There's no harm in ADDING another bathroom because people don't HAVE to go in there! Also, less lines!

  • yes I would want to share a toilet with someone who was the opposite gender yesterday

  • I mean if a business wants to do it, whatever, it's their choice disregarding my opinion. Government mandated? Definitely not.

  • There should be gender neutral bathrooms because that's what some people feel most comfortable in. Should they be the only bathroom? No, because some people feel most comfortable using bathrooms for only male/ only female. But they should definitely exist so everyone can feel comfortable using the bathroom, something every human does.

  • Sure, but only as long as it is just called a bathroom. No need to rename it. Besides we already have those.

  • We have gender neutral bathrooms at our school, there have been no rape cases so far. A lot of people in the comments here talk about there being two genders and some say there are more than two. I don't think this has anything to do with that. Gender neutral bathrooms means both men and women can use them.

    Posted by: fallNN
  • Yes, So these retards won't come into my bathroom.

  • NO. ever see women get raped on the streets??? thats because women and men are son the same street. so if we go into the same BATHROOM, theirs no cameras so if one women DID get raped, no one will know and the women will be sad

  • There are only 2 genders. You can say what you want about identifying as George Soro's left asscheek or whatever, but you are still biologically a male or female, so there is no point. Besides, crime can increase and feminists will have a field day

  • because a male could rape a female more easier having gender neutral bathrooms

  • because the line will be longer

  • No because it's just weird.

  • No because it will be longer line to use the restrooms and it will be awkward for people from two different using the restroom

  • because i don't like being in the same restroom

  • I think its weird because men and woman do different things while using the restroom so it just wouldn't work.

  • There is only 2 genders. You decide which restroom you go in by determining on what you have.

  • It is in appropriate to share a bathroom because our children may see things that they do not need to see at a young age

    Posted by: londyn
  • I picked this one because girls could get raped

  • It wouldn't work out because women won't be comparable being in the same restroom where a guy would be and a guy would probably feel the same way. So women and men should just have their own bathroom just how we have it right now.

  • Its not really necessary to over exaggerate about a restrooms just do your business and get out who cares its just a toilet

  • I think they shouldn't because everyone should have their own privacy and what if a women gets raped in the restroom. It can also be very awkward because what if a guy or girl wants to pee quietly but they end up peeing very loud then they might feel uncomfortable. Also guys and girls do their own things in the restroom, for example females do their makeup or they probably have to change in to different clothes they might not feel comfortable next to a guy. And if a guy has bad aim when they pee and if gets on to a females feet its going to be a pretty bad situation.

  • i wouldn't feel comfortable if my daughter was in a bathroom with a man.

    Posted by: luii
  • i would say no because what if I'm on my menstrual cycle and i have to change it and a man is next to me and i have to be quiet to change it like no but if a women is next to me she has to deal with it because she go through it to

  • There are people who laugh at the stupidity of the American voter they will say. We have forces all the time attempting to prove others are stupid. The people who love to show you how stupid they are and how smart they are. We always had people who had "other interests". It is why you need people to look out for you and not say "there there!" and pat you on the head. They have their ideas about someone like you and the innocent. So many influences like "The Communist Manifesto". The Communists hurt people. Don't hurt people.

    Posted by: Lance2
  • There is only two genders, women and men. There is no pansexual or some shit like that

  • you literally either have a penis or vagina, and the bathrooms are separated to make it more easy, safe and convenient for those with their specific part to exert waste. If you don't want to be a BOY or GIRL, feel free to remove your PENIS or VAGINA and turn your crotch into a flat plane, and get a catheter, removing the need to go to your "Gender Neutral Bathroom"

  • I lean towards "No" because I don't think it should be compelled speech. But I'll put it this way: if a business wants to have a gender neutral bathroom, of course they can set up whatever they want. What shouldn't be tolerated is forcing this nonsense onto business owners and wasting a bunch of public money "upgrading" public facilities over it.

  • Because just because someone identifies as the opposite biological sex. Doesn't simply make it so. I'm offended when a biological man said he identifies as a woman no you don't. You actually have no first hand experience at being one. Your simply playing a part you think is what it means to be a woman

  • As someone else’s has pointed out, You need male and female that’s it.

    Posted by: Domore
  • There are simply only 2 genders.

    Posted by: aj0723
  • This is the easiest way to target transgender people or genderqueer people. Let's say you hate non-binary people, Which bathroom will you go in if you're looking for them to kill them? The male, The female, Or the gender neutral bathroom?

    Posted by: juan69
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Negotiate says2018-06-13T01:54:18.3003676Z
I would suggest creating an Opinion of this question rather than a Poll- that way everyone is required to share their opinions.
Negotiate says2018-06-13T02:00:14.9943676Z
@salutcava I believe that this is sexist- I identify as a hamster so are you subjecting me to a toilet? You are just another sexist bigot. In all seriousness though, people have been doing this- they have come up with every unrealistic gender there is. A) How can we supply their needs when they identify as a wolf, for example? Does that mean they drop their pants- if they wear such human-things- and pee wherever they want? B) What is the realistic, factual, reason for protecting these made-up identities? Because of people's feelings?
rustybacon says2018-06-13T04:07:56.4351676Z
@Negotiate Good idea. I'll note that for next time. Cheers brother.
reece says2018-06-13T09:28:41.3691557Z
@Negotiate I myself identify as a hamster. Firstly, how is that sexist? Hamsters have two sexes just as humans have two sexes. Secondly how is that possibly subjection? I'm not sure how that could be the case. Thirdly sex and gender are two different things. And no, identifying as a hamster has no bearing on gender, unless you identify as a hamster of the opposite sex or something to that regard. And you'd probably claim I'm mentally ill. Jeez, at least I'm coherent.
reece says2018-06-13T09:38:32.4219557Z
By the way, I'm unable to speak for the wolf community as I'm a hamster.
itspronouncedkevin says2018-06-13T16:22:18.9879557Z
Because I think that it would honestly just be a lot simpler
lupeochoa says2018-06-13T16:22:59.0643557Z
Because the restrooms would be more packed
Cristopher.A says2018-06-13T16:26:30.7199950Z
It is weird to know that there is a group of men waiting for a spot in the restroom when you are the only women there or the other way around.
ezequielc1798 says2018-06-13T16:26:38.5407557Z
There should not be different genders in the same restroom because it better the way it already is and it can be a problem.
davrules13 says2018-06-13T16:27:13.9839557Z
I wouldnt want a girl in the restroom while am taking a poop
papa_diego says2018-06-13T16:27:40.0463950Z
It would take away the privacy the two genders have
papa_diego says2018-06-13T16:28:13.7735950Z
It would take away the privacy the two genders have
davrules13 says2018-06-13T16:28:18.0479950Z
I wouldnt want a girl in the restroom while im taking a poop
larissarocha says2018-06-13T16:29:08.4203950Z
I think it's not right for boys and girls to share the same restroom no matter what if you're trying to be a boy but in reality, you're a girl ur still a girl no matter what. The same thing goes for the boys if you're trying to be a girl but in reality your still a boy no matter what nothing changes.
im_a_bun says2018-06-13T21:46:05.1668052Z
@reece and @negotiate, their is not only 2 genders their is a proven amount of 63 genders out their in the world. Its just that those genders are REALLY rare and male and female are the common ones.
reece says2018-06-15T07:38:23.9899266Z
@im_a_bun But is there 63 sexes?
reece says2018-06-15T07:39:09.5731266Z
Like I said, sex and gender are two different things.
rustybacon says2018-06-25T00:06:04.3584617Z
@reece Sex and gender aren't different things. It's proven biologically AND in your chromosomes. Yes, there's the off chance of being asexual but that's still less than 1.8% of the population. Even then, there are still major factors to identify what sex/gender you fall into such as micropenis, large clitoris, a female with a male body or a male with a female body. Gender doesn't have anything to do with your "identity" it's to do with your physical, biological and mental appearance.
Sunlitstars says2018-07-03T23:07:48.3146494Z
Well, can we have a neutral opinion about this opinion? Doesn't matter how you are now, you either have a penis or a vagina, so you should use the designed bathroom, why making such a drama for something so small? It's not like we need a special bathroom for a simple need everyone has. In case you have no genitals then you wouldn't need to use a bathroom anyway I guess.

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