Should Gibraltar remain a British Overseas Territory?

Posted by: GabeLipworth

Gibraltar is now British. True, it has been stolen by the British. But today, the people of Gibraltar are very proud to be British! They have voted 99% in a referendum to remain British and not be Spanish. So, should Spain have a right to own this territory. The population is 30000 proud to be British citizens!

  • Yes, it should remain British and self determination of the population should be preserved!

  • No, Spain should take control of Gibraltar!

50% 4 votes
50% 4 votes
  • Gibraltar is situated just a few hundred miles south of Spain. It would be better for the people living on the island to be managed by the Spanish government instead of the British due to the fact that it's easier to communicate and faster to recieve assistance.

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Vox_Veritas says2015-04-09T16:18:14.6256984-05:00
Biased Poll
GabeLipworth says2015-04-10T02:11:35.9751978-05:00
How is it biased?
GabeLipworth says2015-04-10T02:12:12.9053450-05:00
Also, the Gibraltarians don't want Spain! It's also not an island! And the British are able to communicate fine: the telephone!!!

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