Should girls above the age of 14 be able to date the boy of their choice?

Posted by: haleighnm1115

Girls dont get to chose who their boyfriends are until they're old.

  • Yes

  • No

68% 13 votes
32% 6 votes
  • I believe that young girls should be able to pick who they are spending most of their time with. Because they are young. Why would you want to take away that girl's happiness? Even if it is just temporary, you have to let them be able to make mistakes and feel the way that life makes you feel.

  • A little thing called freedom.

  • Love is love, and everybody should have their freedom.

    Posted by: benhos
  • As a guy: I think people in general, boys and girls, should wait until they are older and a bit more mature before entering a relationship. I'm relatively young, and have had a few girlfriends, and I can say from experience that it is easier to get your heart broken by a immature idiot than someone who thinks. So my advice? Just wait a few years before you get serious with someone. It will most likely be for the best.

  • 18. Listen to your parents.

    Posted by: Stefy
  • At 14 children still need protecting from their naivety even if they think they do know best. Don't learn the hard way just to be rebellious.

  • They need to focus on other much more important things like studies. A 14 year old is still in school, and possibly the most critical time of school. She needs to educate herself and do well in studies. I think that boys and girls should focus on their studies and just enjoy childhood. Save dating for later.

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Midnight1131 says2015-05-12T15:43:21.2032948-05:00
Should they be able to date "the boy of their choice?" Is this implying that if I pick no, I'm supporting them being forced to date someone not of their choice?
Idiosyncratic says2015-05-12T17:35:18.8717600-05:00
Judging by the comment under the poll description, I assumed it was talking about dating someone in spite of parent's advice. I may be wrong, however. I hope it doesn't mean that, because if it does I look like a jerk...
haleighnm1115 says2015-05-15T12:34:37.9521760-05:00
I am talking about parents telling their children that they arent allowed to date someone. Say a girl comes home and introduces her boyfriend to her partents, and they make her break up with them. That just isnt right.
Idiosyncratic says2015-05-17T15:42:25.2236638-05:00
@haleighnm1115 I can understand that situation as being unfair, yes, but if the parents make the girl break up with the boy, it is most likely that the boy is trouble and the parents can see that because they are older. I can't imagine parents forcing their child to break up with a good guy, but I can imagine them not wanting their daughter to date a douche.
Stefy says2015-05-17T19:05:00.7940731-05:00
This should be for both sexes. Why is everyone obsessed with determining whats ok for girls rimantically and sexually but they dont want to excerise the same control over boys.

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