• YES because it doesnt matter about the dog in the fight it matters about the fight in the dog

  • No girls should not play football because its a guys sport

71% 55 votes
29% 22 votes
  • If they want a concussion, long term brain injuries, and mangled fingers let'em have it.

  • Because it shouldn't matter about your sex. The game is about having fun. So why not let everyone enjoy it

  • yes but not the nfl, they will ruin it

    Posted by: Fiz
  • It is true men are on average stronger then women, but why ban the physically capable that deviate from that average? For that matter why set any group of people back (or forward) because of averages? However I do not agree with the people that think they should have lower standards of getting in the team, may the best man or woman win.

  • Im fine with them playing football they just better not drink that bone hurting juice or else theyll go ow oof my bones

  • Girls are not banned from football already. They just aren't as common in the college and professional levels. The women only professionally league is highly sexualized, but its still woman's football.

  • girls can do ever thing boys can do.

  • If a girl wants to play football, let 'em. It doesn't matter what they are or who they are, if they want to play football let them. We shouldn't even have to second think this decision.

  • Yes, but I would keep girls and boys separate, as most if not all major sports do

  • I will say yes, with a but. I think there are definitely opportunities for women in mens pro leagues. Take Basketball for example. Women might not be able to post up or dunk on men, but they sure can shoot the ball well, and size does not matter when you are a point guard. Women have great passing ability and court vision. Soccer is another sport women can easily play at every level. But, sports like Football, Hockey, Boxing, and MMA, are just too physically demanding for women to play. I'm am not saying there are not some tough as nails women out there, but men are all ways going to be superior at these types of events. Not to mention that with Boxing and MMA there is nothing for the man to gain. Either he has beaten up a woman, or he has been beaten by a woman, and no one will ever let him forget either of those results.

  • no sport is just for boys.

  • if a girl loves football a lot,she tries to become more famous in that sports category. But no girl is popular in the world as a football player.no news of her goals.its sad.javascript:void(0)

  • It would not be fun yo watch like the wnba but yeah why not

  • ONLY if they are qualified for it No feminists forcing men to put a woman in a football team

  • Yes. Women should be treated the same way as men.

  • I don’t understand why they shouldn’t. They are girls, They are human, They can throw some tights on, Cover themselves in padding and chuck a ball around while running into people, I don’t see the problem.

  • It's a free country they can play any sport they want. They can also run headfirst into a brick wall. Doesn't mean it's a good idea but there shouldn't be anything stopping them.

  • Yes why not

    Posted by: Thor7
  • I will say no girls shouldn't. But only in regards to playing with guys. Like playing in the NFL or a college team girls shouldn't be playing among the guys. I have a debate here stating why they shouldn't. http://www.debate.org/debates/Should-Girls-Be-Allowed-To-Play-Football-American/1/ Nos if they want to have they own league then thats fine. But only in terms on there playing with girls not guys.

    Posted by: Nd2400
  • I feel like this sport is too rough for females. I'm kind of torn with this poll but I would have to say no.

  • No, but I guess they could have a women's league or something.

  • No because there is a women's division and also men have testosterone and are statistically stronger than women, there are exceptions like ronda rousey but most men are stronger than women and it's unfair and unsafe

  • According to BIOLOGY and SIMPLE STATISTICS it is proven that men have more testosterone in their bodies then women, which mean that women are not able to produce muscle or gain muscle at the same rate by any means. Women produce 50% less muscle in the upper body, such as biceps and pectorals, and 75% in the lower body. Sending a women with 50-75% muscle mass against hard hitting and veteran athletes would not only be unfair but indefinitely dangerous in regards to the woman's health. Make a Women's Football League that does not exploit women in the way that it currently does and BOOM, problem solved.

  • First of all, this poll is way to bias. You are putting words into the mouths of those who vote no when you say " no because its a guys sport" . Now I feel that everyone should be able to play sports. But I don't think that it is a good idea to allow females to play football with males, especially once males reach their preteen years. I think that a better solution would to encourage females to form their own football leagues in which they could control their own rules. Take for example ice hockey. At the younger levels, where there is no body checking, females and males play on the same teams. But once they reach the age where body checking is allowed, females go on to play in their own leagues without bodychecking.

  • I feel that girls shouldn't be able to play football, for hopefully obvious reasons. The risk, in this case, would probably be enough to coax girls away from playing American football, because there's a risk of injuries such as concussions.

  • because they would get freakin wrecked and get the shit beat out of them

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Wali06 says2018-02-27T22:55:41.4842677Z
Girls should be able to do whatever boys do, just like African Americans should be able to do whatever white people do. Girls can make their own choices. They wanna play football, then let them play football! You don't want men and women playing together, make a different league for the women (NBA, WNBA, NFL, WNFL... Simple, right?). The game is extremely fun... Let girls enjoy it too! #footballforeveryone
Nd2400 says2018-02-27T23:55:30.7566324Z
@Wali06 Yes girls should be able to have fun. And should be able to do what boys can do. But in some things like playing football girls need to stick playing with girls. Girls could not compete with the level of college athletes or the Pros. For one thing, women don't have testosterone and men are statistically stronger than women. If you want to read more why women shouldn't play against the men at a higher level then i will encourage to look at my debate on this issue. Http://www.Debate.Org/debates/Should-Girls-Be-Allowed-To-Play-Football-American/1/

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