Should Government Laws Be Incorporated With Religious Views In Any Way?

Posted by: pozessed

Anyone who voted "no" on the poll linked -> http://www.Debate.Org/polls/should-people-be-legally-permitted-to-marry-more-than-one-person, should vote "yes" to this question. Otherwise you are a hypocrit IMO.

  • Yes

  • No

20% 5 votes
80% 20 votes
  • It should only be included as an optional class such as "bible study" where people can interpret the various tales in the bible and study them.

  • If the people the representative are religious, it is their responsibility to incorporate these views in their political decisions.

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pozessed says2013-09-17T18:55:35.1707377-05:00
Http://www.Debate.Org/polls/should-people-be-legally-permitted-to-marry-more-than-one-person Sorry, I messed up the link or we can't add links to the question.
pozessed says2013-09-17T19:38:34.6078486-05:00
@Star Trek: Did you not understand the question? I am not asking if "religion should be taught in school". I am asking if a person should be restricted from a liberty due to a governments religious bias.
StarTrek says2013-09-17T19:58:33.8102673-05:00
The majority of laws concerning religion involve the teaching of it in school. Many of our laws are based off of Christian principles because that is what our country was based on (as was Canada's).
muzebreak says2013-09-17T20:03:28.9938983-05:00
Startrek, the stupidity of that comment is much to vast to be displayed so openly. Might I suggest you retract it?
StarTrek says2013-09-17T20:13:38.6436682-05:00
The stupidity of you being a communist can't even be comprehended. Might I suggest you take your beliefs and shove them up your...
muzebreak says2013-09-17T20:17:48.1204443-05:00
Ass? That would be quite enjoyable. I'll do that right after you read the Treaty of Tripoli.
muzebreak says2013-09-17T20:18:05.4413392-05:00
Ass? That would be quite enjoyable. I'll do that right after you read the Treaty of Tripoli.
Skeptikitten says2013-09-17T23:14:15.1745010-05:00
....This nation was in no way founded on Christianity or Christian principles. The founding of our nation was purposefully as a secular democratic republic, modeled on the secular ideals of the Enlightenment Movement in Europe.
MaxB33 says2013-09-18T09:39:42.5457420-05:00
Early Christian colonials only lived here to escape persecution from Europe. Everone else; for the bang of the buck, by taking chosen ideals and making an even place to live. Its similar to how we use our freedom and embrace our liberty to take the ideals of authentic Mexican dishes and create free thinking Great Institutions like Taco Bell
StarTrek says2013-09-18T18:44:46.8962684-05:00
Our secular government isn't as secular as you think. The majority of our stores and public offices are closed on Sunday (the Christian rest day/ Sabbath day). God is used in the pledge. We are far from a secular government.
StarTrek says2013-09-18T18:45:47.2723016-05:00
A secular government is a total separation of church and state. We do not see this in America.
StarTrek says2013-09-18T18:47:28.6994684-05:00
Star Trek is a perfect Utopian society with socialism and money has no purpose. The only goal in life is to life responsibly, increase your knowledge, and contribute to society.
pozessed says2013-09-18T20:09:51.6467626-05:00
Star trek is also a fictional show... , Where their ideals are not actually used in our society. Although their government sounds progressive even socialism has its down falls.
muzebreak says2013-09-20T05:01:20.2561277-05:00
God was added to the pledge in 1956. Stores close on sundays by choice. Those that do not, are following laws that were enacted long after the founding of the United States of America. You are certainly correct, the american government is far from secular. But that doesn't make it any less a breach of the constitution. Your statement about Star Trek is incorrect. While there is no money in the usual sense of the word (notes, bills, stocks, bonds). There is a currency. There is the Federation credit, and there is gold pressed latinum. Star Trek is also far from a perfect utopian society. Just look at the enterprise; they constantly run into huge, possibly universe ending, hijinks. If that's what they run into, then imagine what the countless other fleets of ships run into. That's far from perfect, but it might be your utopia.

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