• Yes, it should

  • No, it should not

23% 7 votes
77% 24 votes
  • Second ammendment

  • ban hect instead

  • The 2nd Amendment makes it CLEAR. ALL Gun control laws are UNCONSTITUTIONAL !!!

  • It'd break the bill of rights.

    Posted by: AIIora
  • Absolutely not. It is a critical method of self defense, and a ban would be as ineffective as the war on drugs. However, should gun distribution be under the utmost strict supervision? Absolutely. It is far too easy for someone with a serious mental illness to acquire a weapon. Strict supervision could not only prevent mass shootings, but also get help for those who are suffering from mental disorders.

    Posted by: Nerox
  • i support the right own and operate guns from most importantly to least 1)it is in the constitution, and while the constitution could use some further revisions, you can't just pick and choose what laws to follow and I'll be damned if you abridge other people's rights for "safety"; I'd rather be unsafe/dead than be a slave to another's opinion, I mean, that was kind of the whole point of the American Revolution (2) Prohibition doesn't work; the guns will be taken away from law-abiding citizens and be put in the unregulated hands of criminals (3) They are good for self-defense, some people say that they protect them from, that is bogus because America has the number 1 military in the world, you and your friends aren't going to take them all down with some buck rifles and a shotgun, but for home defense, sure (4) People will just do what they did before guns,;stab each other to death (5) Guns are good for hunting (6) Guns are good for other sport, such as marksmanship. In addition, I'm not sure what the problem with open-carry guns is, I've heard that it is supposed to increase a casual attitude towards gun and promote aggressive behavior and therefore murder rates would go up, but if we live in a society where everyone is well educated about guns then it would be a problem. I live in NC where open carry is legal, I see people all the time during hunting season just walking through town with a shotgun, a buck rifle, sometimes handguns on their waists, and I have yet to see any of those people increase aggressive behavior. If anything, concealed carry is worse, because I know that if I had a concealed carry I'd be a lot more aggressive because they probably don't know I'm armed, but that is just me. Anti-open carry people, I see your point, and if you don't like open-carry you talk about all you want and try and discourage people from doing it, just don't try to MAKE me follow your dumb rules because you would rather be safe than free.

  • The 2nd Amendment guarantees our right to own firearms. It allows to keep being free individuals in our nation. If they take our guns, they take our ability to fight, and therefore take our freedom of ever fighting against a corrupt government.

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Mister_Man says2015-06-05T20:45:38.7540404-05:00
LOL only argument against it is "muh freedums".... Although I don't think guns should be banned, as the only people obeying those laws would be law abiding citizens, and the criminals would have access to guns, I do think stricter gun laws should be put in place... Like not being allowed to open carry.
Varrack says2015-06-05T20:50:24.6139376-05:00
Open carry is kind of ridiculous though, and probably a bit too far.
imabench says2015-06-05T21:35:29.3987295-05:00
Yeah im with varrack on this one. Concealed carry of pistols i am perfectly fine with, but open carry pushes it
triangle.128k says2015-06-05T22:39:43.4353170-05:00
Gun laws should depend on the state and area. Stricter gun laws would be necessary in more urbanized states like Massachusetts. But in more rural states, we would probably need less gun regultions.
triangle.128k says2015-06-05T22:40:00.3928431-05:00
triangle.128k says2015-06-05T22:41:15.2469982-05:00
I can understand one carrying a large rifle for hunting or whatever in less populated areas. But if anybody has anything more than a handgun in a city, that's purely absurd.
Najs says2015-06-05T23:30:37.8024537-05:00
They should be replaced with tasers.
58539672 says2015-06-06T00:27:55.4377608-05:00
@Najs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpbbANEYQXE
triangle.128k says2015-06-06T06:56:07.9871335-05:00
Yeah, you can definitely go hunting with a taser.

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