Should have the United States annexed the Philippines at the time it was viable.

Posted by: Rezamee

  • Yes

  • No

24% 4 votes
76% 13 votes
  • We kind of did do that. We helped out the resistance movements in the Philippines to beat the Spanish in the Spanish-American war. In exchange for fighting the Spanish, we would help them establish their independence. Once the war ended however we essentially annexed the Philippines, turning them into one of our newfound colonies. The following resistance movement against us eventually ended with the US granting them independence.

  • GTFO America.

    Posted by: XLAV
  • We think that they should not have annexed the Philippines because we felt it doesn't make sense because it so far.

    Posted by: Saley
  • Filipinos are very proud people... just like any other people's jingoism about their own country. If someone TRIES to conquer them, they will fight from tooth to nail or fight to the death.

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XLAV says2015-09-28T16:26:03.2175731Z
Pinoy pride
Rezamee says2015-09-29T13:02:04.4910957Z
To clear it up, when I am saying 'annex' I'm referring to a Philippine statehood not them becoming a territory.

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