Should Herman Cain have been the GOP Nominee in 2012?

Posted by: Politics2016

  • Yeah

  • Nah

67% 4 votes
33% 2 votes
  • It definatley would have helped with the minority demographics and would have increased the chances to win

  • No, Romney was far more than apt, Rick Perry would've probably been the only better Nominee.

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kkkkatie126 says2016-10-26T00:40:57.6409933Z
It doesn't matter, the Conservatards still would've lost.
Mrpresident16 says2016-10-26T01:07:27.8059866Z
Sure, call us conservatards when failed Deomncratliberal policies have failed our country killed the economy and allowed Isis to flourish.And Russia to make their advances further into Europe and implemented the failed fiasco which and a direct lie to the American people both him and Clinton that on top of many other unnecessary regulations have crippled both Big and small business and outsourced our jobs. Its also time to replace common core which the libtards have implemented with common sense. It's also time to replace this failed liberal agenda with some common sense conservative solutions. And yes it would have made a difference he would've helped with the minority vote and increased the chances of winning.

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