Should Hilary Clinton Be Prosocuted For Email Scandal?

Posted by: XtremeSavage

Poll closed on 11/1/2016 at 12:00AM.
  • Yes, she should be prosocuted for breaking the law.

  • No, she should not be prosocuted because she did not break the law.

77% 33 votes
23% 10 votes
  • Do no pass go, do not collect $200...

  • She broke the law, obcourse we should enforce the law. Also I want to point out that Trumps tax evasions are actually 100% legal, it shouldn't be, but it is, special intrests put a lot of money toward having all of these loopholes put into our tax code.

  • she feels she is above the law in everything she does. The government is in her pockets. She has been shown to be more crooked than any one I know.

  • Why should she get away with something that average joe would get busted for. Listen to her comments at the end of the Snowden movie. Hmm.

  • She must be prosecuted like a regular citizen of USA who was prosecuted for the same braking the law actions.

  • Yes should any criminal get away with a crime? Just because she is running for president don't mean she should be free of what she has done

  • She has broken the law several times from lying under oath leaking classified info not only that she is not competent to be president She has more scandals than awards she can and should be brought up on corruption charges remember pay for play? and on top of all that she ignored a congressional subpoena . However , I agree with her on one thing we are stronger together . But, we are stronger together without her!

  • She broke the law, with disregard for national security. She did so to evade potential discovery of her shady pay for play dealings with the Clinton Foundation. She lied about it, she tried to have evidence destroyed. The FBI "investigation" was a joke, a sham to appease the public, with a corrupt predetermined outcome.

  • A full FBI investigation by a Republican found that prosecution would not be necessary. So why should we?

  • Given that Trump isn't being prosecuted for his Tax Evasion then Clinton should not be prosecuted for her scandal. If Trump is prosecuted then Clinton should be prosecuted.

  • she might have broken the law but if FBI are happy i am to trump is not exactly what you would call crime free either so if hes not prosecuted why should they pick on hilary???

  • No, not at all, never. Why don't we prosecute Drumpf for not paying his freaking taxes ?

  • There was no law at the time that prohibited Secretary Clinton from having a private server for her emails. Being careless is not illegal.

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XtremeSavage says2016-10-19T23:35:11.7192892Z
Leave your reason for your choice. Please be respectful.
RepublicanForLIfe says2016-10-20T01:44:41.5043108Z
She broke the law, lied, and her husband talked with the FBI investigator for half an hour days before her trial.
matsu says2016-10-20T02:53:26.3793214Z
I agree with judyf491
Fernyx says2016-10-20T18:22:53.5281089Z
@Knaveslayer99 Though wrong, Trump did legally evade taxes. He was allowed to for 18 years by the 918 million dollar loss that was reported.
DiEgO123100 says2016-10-24T22:06:11.8016885Z
Don't forget the innocent people she killed, along with all the other "sudden" deaths that happened to people who were against her.
farmerjump1 says2016-10-27T17:41:21.9974196Z

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