Should hillary clinton be arrested(remade)

Posted by: Kanye2020

She created many scandals and deleted cofidential emails

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Death23 says2016-02-15T03:04:31.0603675Z
Where's the "I don't know" response ?
Haroush says2016-02-15T13:00:23.3742841Z
There is already incriminating evidence. It is a fact at the same time she said there were protests going on in Benghazi there was no protest. Furthermore, these attacks were well planned out with precise timing unlike what an angry mob would do. So, what she said and what happened do not correlate with each other. This is bad enough. To make matters worse she lies about having sensitive information in her private emails. Anyone who would do these two things could have only done something really wrong. Last but not least, she has connections to all kind of bad people over the world and you think she wouldn't be able to cover up this bs? This is the problem with our politics, we should take people like her and shoot them dead for the people they left for dead. The same goes for Bill Clinton. This is why I am now an anarchist. Too many people in America don't know what is even going on and rush to judgment on things because of their attention seeking ways. Not to mention the cognitive dissonance which reigns supreme in the American psyche today.
Haroush says2016-02-15T19:01:46.8277701Z
To make matters worse after all the chaos was over and the smoke cleared, who do you think received the highest honor? The chief of operations there which didn't deserve it once so ever and was mainly responsible specifically for Ambassador Stephens.
Haroush says2016-02-15T19:02:42.3797262Z
* Stephen's death
MakeSensePeopleDont says2016-02-15T20:35:21.6371179Z
@Haroush -- Although I do agree she should be arrested and properly charged at this point, I do not however stand in agreement with yourself here. To start with, "Cognitive Dissonance" does NOT reign supreme in America. Cognitive Dissonance is a negative emotional response originating from an internal battle rooted in personal conflicts of interest; the person would actively search for an acceptable resolution to bring oneself in line once again. Example: Strongly believing murder is wrong, yet going out murdering; feeling sickeningly horrible about it the entire time. Cognitive dissonance will generally cause massive depression, physical illness and even thoughts or attempts of suicide. I believe what you are thinking about is called "Hypocrisy" and "Hypocrites" which would be 100% correct.
MakeSensePeopleDont says2016-02-15T20:44:37.5885727Z
@Haroush -- Yes, no citizen in America, including yourself, know what is going on; we only know what we are told. Unfortunately, our political class and media outlets only provide information that helps progress their agendas, so as news is passed out to the public, more and more of the facts are removed or altered to fit a specific agenda. It's like playing whisper down the lane...With a few "trolls" thrown in at different parts of the line who purposefully alters the message. This is not about the individual's attention seeking ways, this is simply voicing an opinion based on the facts provided, with the misguided assumption or false assurance of full and complete truth. The issue here is that the persons or groups that Americans are supposed to place their full trust and confidence in are not holding up their personal honesty and character end of the deal. These persons and groups instead do and say whatever they want in order to fulfill their selfish desires.
MakeSensePeopleDont says2016-02-15T20:58:16.0479583Z
@Haroush -- Additionally, yes, there is incriminating evidence against Hillary; unfortunately, nothing you've stated outlines any evidence at all. Let me provide a bit here: Hillary e-mailed her daughter stating she had to go; terrorists were attacking Benghazi - This is providing classified information to a person without security clearance. Even worse, she then went out, and still today continues to state publicly, this was caused by a video, not terrorists. || Then there was the theft and illegal sale of White House property after Bill left office; during Bill's Presidency, there was the illegal subletting of the Lincoln bedroom, treating it as a B&B. || Then there's the secret server housed at a third party without the security clearance or security measured required to house it. || There are now e-mails where Hillary is telling people to remove any security headers so the messages would not be flagged as important. || There are numerous highly sensitive documents sent and received by Hillary via e-mail to staffers that had no security clearances to see or handle them. There are many others but I will end here. Also keep in mind the financials, business dealings and tax questions surrounding the non-profit Clinton Foundation.
Haroush says2016-02-18T11:32:46.0449574Z
@MSPD, There is a fine line between hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance. For example, when black separatist shout "white privilege" but refuse to see there is growing racism toward white people and a system in which favors blacks over whites because of there political stance they hold on to so passionately . As a matter in fact, this is why mental health disorders are running rapid at this point.
Haroush says2016-02-18T11:36:14.3218925Z
*so passionately, that would be cognitive dissonance. This is because there is guilt there from these people who say these things and even depression. Technically, hypocrisy and cognitive dissonance can go hand in hand.
Haroush says2016-02-18T11:50:11.2672575Z
@MSPD, If you don't think I know what is going on in specific situations you are wrong. Just because of my personality type doesn't mean I am exaggerating things I say. Which is what you are alluding to. Though I do agree the media is definitely giving out less and less information on the things that matter while altering the facts at the same time. When it comes to regular citizens, they are opinionated with ego. This being said, quite a few of them find the need to get attention and feel important in some kind of way by giving their opinions as if they are absolutely right. Exactly, they think they know the absolute truth because they trust themselves to distinguish what is absolute fact or not. This is an ego problem and those with ego issues seek attention.
Haroush says2016-02-18T11:54:30.7593209Z
What I said is incriminating evidence because in the court of law with a trial, a prosecutor attempts to prove someone guilty beyond reasonable doubt and what I said definitely could do so.
MakeSensePeopleDont says2016-02-18T16:01:50.1682209Z
@Haroush -- Thats not cognitive dissonance. If you dont notice or refuse to notice something, its not cognitive dissonance. Cog Dis requires the full acknowledgment of something being wrong but doing it anyway, causing a massive internal battle of goodness. This generally leads to depression and suicidal thoughts if not immediately and properly treated.
MakeSensePeopleDont says2016-02-18T16:10:40.5974213Z
Only about 10% of American population are "know-it-alls", with about 3% of the population actually qualifying legitimately intelligence wise. Most others are at least minor open to debate.
MakeSensePeopleDont says2016-02-18T16:12:50.4258771Z
As for the court deal....Circumstantial and non-specific evidence is not as accepted as you are led to believe, it's actually quite frowned upon when building a case. Specifics are required. I agree with your points, just wanted to add factual clarity with evidence.

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