Should history view explorers as heroes or villains?

Posted by: labad

  • Heroes

  • Villains

75% 9 votes
25% 3 votes
  • In early years, kids should learn about the good they did, to keep it simple for them to understand, and to help increase their imagination, and then as they grow up, they should teach the bad things they also did. 50/50

  • It obviously depends on the explorer, but I think they should be viewed as neutral so the students can decide for themselves.

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Carolean_Karl says2016-03-09T16:39:47.9633234Z
They were neither, they were just people that expanded their country's knowledge of the world. Most of them did things we would consider immoral, either out of greed or necessity, but that doesn't take away from the contributions they made to geography and cartography, that just means they were immoral. But regardless of that, history will remember them for the things they discovered, not the kind of people they were.
snkcake666 says2016-03-11T02:50:35.4595671Z
Why not neither?
bobmark4545 says2016-05-15T10:22:58.1284042Z
bobmark4545 says2016-05-15T10:23:42.5574890Z
shore00 says2016-08-28T00:01:28.4922983Z
I don't think they are either. They're just people who discovered things, they didn't save anyone.

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