Should homework amounts be reduced?

Posted by: wdonohue18

Should the amount of homework given to middle and high school students on a daily basis be reduced?

  • Homework amounts SHOULD be reduced.

  • Homework amounts should NOT be reduced.

72% 26 votes
28% 10 votes
  • We have to have time in our lives for family and personal buisness

  • YES! Children go to school an average 7 hours a day. They are then expected to spend an hour per subject doing homework with an average of 6 or more subjects. They are expected to get at least 9 hours of sleep a day. This leaves 2 hours a day to spend time with family, extra curricular activities, sports, or even jobs which some students need or are required to have by their parents.

  • Homework causes a lot of stress and pain for many parents and their children.

  • Kids have too much. Teachers have started giving it as a punishment and that is despicable. We kids/students have lives and too much homework takes time away from the things that we kids do.

  • The average amount of homework I get is writing five-paragraph essays for each period(which i have 8 of) a week. And I'm a eighth grade honors student.It is super stressful...

  • While some amount of homework in each class per night is understandable, the amount of homework that is assigned daily nowadays is reaching an extreme where students do not have enough time nor energy to do a thorough job for each class. Because of this, cheating and a lack of interest in education occurs, since students become so stressed and preoccupied that they miss the big picture of what schooling is all about: becoming a lifelong learner.

    Posted by: KPG
  • They should be increased.

  • yp

    Posted by: Rahjee
  • Reducing homework is a sign of laziness upon our society. If you look at your average class, you will see the intellectual and the nonintellectual. The intellectual will most likely, or always complete their homework on time. The nonintellectual will most likely, or always NOT complete their homework. Completing homework on time, and completely, is a sign of intelligence. Why would we want to damage the development of child thinking by reducing homework? How will this prepare them for a university?

  • Seriously? If we would like for our already unintellectual society to be even more so than yeah, why not? Homework is a necessity, humans have an advanced intellectual capacity and need to make use of it, otherwise why have it at all? Spending time with family and friends is important, but a good and true education is far more important. Without that we have nothing.

  • Neither reduced nor increased.

  • Depends on the ciriculum.

  • No, they should not. It is just fine and the struggle prepares children for adulthood

    Posted by: shosha
  • Homework amounts should not be reduced. Homework is meant so kids will not forget what teachers taught and so they can get some practice outside of class, so class time can be spent on learning, not just practicing. Also, if you didn't finish a worksheet in class, it is a good idea to finish it at home. If you for some reason don't have time to do homework, do it riding to school, sign up for study hall, or do it at lunch. Don't be lazy, and your homework will most likely will be done.

  • Make homework based on fun projects instead of boring homework that can be copied form the internet.

    Posted by: Letrus
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Pigzooka says2015-11-23T01:58:51.8903629Z
There are lots of adult "homework theorists" who love it because they haven't had to do it in thirty or forty years, but WAKE UP GRANDPA! HOMEWORK ISN'T PRODUCTIVE, NEVER HAS BEEN, AND NEVER WILL BE!
SACKERGPS says2016-01-01T09:09:56.2909104Z
Homework will stress an child out and they wont have any time to spend with family

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