Should homework be banned?

Posted by: imabench

(made this because the one in the opinions section got overrun with idiots)

  • Yes

  • No

52% 92 votes
48% 86 votes
  • It's not very fun.

  • People can learn things without homework. That is why there are books and other forms of methods. In colleges, students just take notes. Also it wastes tons of paper.

    Posted by: yay842
  • Homework is not helpful at all, its just a waste of time

  • There is next to no homework in Finland, with better results. Most of our education systems are traditional, not practical

  • I think students who are advanced or in advanced classes should not be given any homework. These students should be smart enough to learn the stuff themselves(plus it will be a perk to taking a harder class)

  • well in reality you really don't need homework or school in general. You aren't going to do anything with what you learn in school into what you do in life. Yes it helps you get a better job but it's not really necessary.

  • ban gov funds to k-12, headstart/preschool, remedial classes, and all college courses that dont teach whats needed to make survival products(renewable energy, water purifiers, heating and cooling, shelter, healthcare supplies and services for testing for and treating physical healthy problems and birth control, soap...)and survival services(like surgery..). only have a highly efficient job training program that doesnt teach anything unnecessary for the job, to teach how to make survival products and do survival services(as above) give a gov no intrest, credit wont go down if not repaid, no collateral, confidential loan to those who cant afford it, where they dont have to pay it back until they have over $33,000 man made property value


  • I think that it is unfair to do schoolwork at home

  • The reason why homework should be banned is because kids really get stressed out and they never get time to do there chores and kids also say that its unfair because kids after six hours of school they should get a break without homework because homework can also take you hours and hours to finnish and like teenagers most of them have to work so during there break time they have to finnish there homework.Also kids say homework isrealy to much overwhelming and streesful for kids and kids never get time to go oustside to play and fresh air all they do is just stay inside doing homework without fresh air and kids can not remember everything they learn in school.

  • People say homework reinforces what we learn in school, but all it does is add more work to an already busy schedule, and adds more stress to an already stressful life.

  • Homework puts unneeded stress on students. More teacher to student time is required.

  • Scientifically, most homework has no real benefit. The teacher only looks for completion anyway. I only care about getting full credit for it. I can study the information on my own time which I do anyway so homework really is no help.

  • why should kids have to do work all day at school and then come home and do homework to. teachers always say how children need to rest there brain but doing homework at home dose not rest it

  • In an AP Calculus class I took, I had homework everyday. Did I do it? Nope. Did it matter? Not at all. My average was a 93 in that class. I understood almost every concept taught during the entire duration of the course and still remember these concepts. I made a 5/5 on the AP test. So, what were you saying about homework being essential to the learning process, again? In my experience, homework is more of a hassle than a benefit because I learn everything I need to learn in the classroom. In amany cases, homework assignments have actually helped in dropping my average because I see no point in wasting my time on trivial matters, and thus, don't often complete my homework. Call me lazy, I prefer efficient, as I have a 3.8 GPA. I know what I want from life, and this, is certainly not it.

  • From kindergarten to 5th grade homework should be banned. That free time after school for those kids are needed for exploring and playing. Middle school should prepare you for high school homework. Once you figure out how to time manage, you should be able to do homework in high school. Doing your homework in high school is very important. As a college student I've learned that in order to understand the lesson being taught I have to do some outside exploring on the subject and do extra homework to pick up what my instructors are teaching me.

  • The people who voted for homework have obviously never done homework

  • doing homework is a waste of time and makes people very stressed out

    Posted by: gundam
  • 7 hours of school should allow kids plenty of time to get a sufficient amount of work done for 1 day. Homework deprives kids of quality family time, causes stress, and heck I came close to suicide under all the pressure because my mom is disabled and needed help.

    Posted by: benhos
  • Homework can cause stress, and depression because of hours used to do homework

  • yes

    Posted by: ut
  • Homework is what teaches us and gets the work to get stuck to our memories. Without homework, we would not be able to recognize problems, understand the assignment, etc... Now of course, maybe a better question is... Should Homework not be giving so often.

  • Homework shouldn't be politicized at all. In certain cases--for certain subjects or for certain students--it is extremely effective. In other cases, less so. This is not a matter for any sort of legislative body to decide.

  • Homework should not be banned because, it makes you smarter and learn more from the lesson school or is more practice.

  • Without homework people would not learn anything. Because I'm homeschooled all I have is homework, if homework was banned I would not learn anything.

  • It is necessary for both students and teachers. Concepts cannot be learned without repetition or practice, and teachers need homework to evaluate where their classes are on a subject and which topics need more review.

  • Homework may not be fun, but if you want to pass, it helps to reinforce your knowledge and help your exam techniques. The

  • Homework is often officially referred to as 'Independent Learning'. We need to be able to learn for ourselves independently and show our educators we don't rely on the geek we sit next to in Biology to get us A* grades.

  • i think homework should be banned cause not everyone does their homework and when some kids do they get a low grade sometimes if they are in a group that only has one person that did their homework

  • People need to do it or they become lazy adults.

  • Homework may be boring and tiring however it is not a waste of time. Would 30 minutes of time facebook or any other social networking be more wasteful than education and knowledge? Homework is meant to keep students on track especially to gain responsibility for the future. Educators want us to learn how to manage our time wisely to prepare us for later life.

  • It really depends on the effectiveness of the homework itself... Sometimes I feel that I'm getting a lot out of the work I do when I'm not at school, whereas other times it feels like the least important thing I could be doing with my life.

  • I don't know what side i choose, but i'm going with no. not all homework should be banned. some subjects need it so you could understand that subject better. but that's my opinion

  • NO, if there's no homework, kids will just play at home, if they had homework, they'll work harder (know what I mean? Typing in a rush)

  • No because teachers just give homework because they don't feel like teaching it themselves. They give students busy work all day so they don't have to teach the material then they send home a weeks worth of homework expecting parents to teach their child a weeks worth of material in one evening which is impossible. The student then does not understand the material and fails the tests. Teachers should teach the material during the day and give students the work during the day so the teacher is there when the students are practicing the material. Homework is basically a cop out so teachers do not have to teach. If there is enough time in the day to waste time and have busy work then teachers should replace that busy work time with actual teaching instead of sitting at their desks and twiddling their thumbs. homework is simply a result of teachers not wanting to teach and it should be abolished.

  • I know people don't like homework, but it teaches responsibility.

  • Homework is essential to see whether we've understood our lessons well or we still need some help with it.

  • If you don't do homework then you start to think that the world will let you spill by with bad grades etc.

  • As homework s get banned from students lives ,students will start getting lazy and spend more of their time doing less beneficial activities such as going out with friend .this will also lessen their time in-front of books as they will not even bother to open them


  • I absolutely hate doing homework and I believe that up to 50% of the homework I am given is busywork that doesn't contribute to real learning but to get rid of homework entirely is insane. Coming from a student in two AP classes, one of which is AP US History, there is no way I would know as much as I do if I didn't do my homework. That being said, my other AP class, English, often requires me to complete boring, unproductive busy work that I know doesn't teach me any more thoroughly. Allow individual schools to regulate homework and see how successful they are, then allow other schools to follow suit.

  • Homework shouldn't be banned because it's good practice. Sure most kids don't like it but it's a proven fact that kids who do their homework get better grades overall.

  • No They give you homework to get more practice in the subject and make sure you understand the concept

  • it not stupid

  • Homework can be used to make up time in the lesson, be used as revision times for life Changing exams !

  • No but at least cut in half for certain

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Mikal says2013-09-06T16:45:09.2109697-05:00
Limited and decreased, not banned
theargument says2013-09-07T12:35:09.5794007-05:00
I don't like school invading my life, at home I rest, at school I learn.
KingDebater says2013-09-08T02:23:00.7590364-05:00
Homework = bad
ezhang777 says2013-09-14T04:27:05.2305634-05:00
Some homework is helpful some is not...
gaurda506841 says2014-02-11T20:05:36.7950164-06:00
Homework is good no matter what it helps you later in life.
ValidCarrot says2014-03-25T17:45:50.1576151-05:00
The whole homework is stressful argument is invalid. School is intended to prepare you for the real world, and no matter where you turn in the real world, there is stress that you need to learn to handle in an efficient manner. (taxes, children, job, college, pretty much everything else)
beastman1655 says2015-01-29T08:38:04.6510611-06:00
I see you o_o

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