Should Homework Be Banned?

Posted by: tkemp

Homework should be banned, most people do not learn anything from homework. The average 7 hour day in school is more than enough time to learn something. Instead of schools treating students as prisoners, they should treat students as individuals. If students were not stuck doing hours of homework every night, they could get a job, help the community, and help the economy. These students would be getting real life work experience, which they can use in their future careers.

  • Yes, Homework Should Be Banned.

  • No, Homework Should Not Be Banned.

70% 381 votes
30% 161 votes
  • homework should just include the non-paper homework but the work that you do at home... which is video games and computer stuff and DDO

    Posted by: yay842
  • Yes.Homework should be banned.

  • Homework is an unfair way of keeping children at work after school, using term 'Unfair' I mean other families have different situations: Some parents don't have the time to help the children with homework, then other parents force there kids to work in isolation and then the parents who do all the homework for the child. This results in different learning ability's for the students. Homework should either be banned or rearranged

  • More family time, less stress, and less killings.

  • Leave a comment (option I think the words ‘’home’’ and ‘’work’’ shouldn’t go together in the same sentence is because students like me have different classes and work hard in them all day, everyday. At the beginning of 6th grade I realized that I work hard to get good grades and shouldn’t have to get homework. One day in reading class I was so caught up in my book I was late for science for over reading. We don’t deserve to receive homework! Students in my grade have reading, writing, math, spelling and science or history class everyday! Also if one student walked home with that much homework, it would take about 2 ½ hours to complete! If students work hard or show effort or at least understand what we are learning, we shouldn’t go home with worksheets an inch thick! We work hard to show we learn what teachers teach us in 7 hours of school starting at 7:55 a.m! Teachers should be suprised we are working when we should be in bed! al)

  • yes it should banned

    Posted by: Hazama
  • yes my reason is im not having government employing teachers to teach my kids lies another is im not having them stressed im letting them be child if you don't like my argument tough you lot can be selfish sent them to school which is prison im certainly am not i have reasons to why no bullying of disabilitys from teacher or students and have them suffer there many ways helping child learn in fun ways because whats point teaching child certain subject if they don't enjoy it they bound to get bored and play up im not letting ridiculous essays destroy my family time with my children or make them ill there is far to much those who care about their kids would release the hell children and teenagers go through you may think its right you need home for improving the mind i been with children for 5 years of experience and was once teacher and i for one can say system to education complete ruined and messed up and the amount going on with homework and the project enough as it is bad for students health you can take it from me i teach my kids at home they even had private tutor once they were happy and relaxed i discovered when they not rushed about and forced they feel better in themselves and do better their confidence and self esteems boosts up higher they all passed they all got higher through psychical experience you may disagree thats your own opinion mine is that children work better when they relaxed and happier

  • Kids had a long tiring day at school learning.

    Posted by: Artem
  • yes I think homework should be banned because kids get stressed every day about having homework for science Lang arts math history and plus some some other stuff as well. I admit I have alot of homework and I'm in middle school and my parents littlery yell at at me for getin bad grades. those arnt class work IT'S HOMEWORK. it gets in the way of my sports that I do. SO HOMEWORK SHOULD BE BANNED

    Posted by: Jord
  • we don't have time

  • i think homework should be banned because kids have enough learning during school and homework prevents not a lot of sleep. they do not get the full 8 hours of sleep they need to go to school on the morning and learn. homework should be banned from schools across the USA!!!!!!

  • yes i do loads of homework everyday top that with community service i don't have any time in the day

  • I never spend time with my family cause my dame home work

  • yes I think the homework shoud be banned Beacause we don't have time and we are busy

  • Homework is bad, a big problem today is unhealthy and obese children. Homework is hours of sitting down slouched in a bad posture which causes injuries in the body and by sitting down after eating a big dinner or afternoon tea can cause building up of obesity.

  • whats the of learing it again if wee learned it in class

  • I am a tall 8th grade student who is unorganized and clumsy and i always LOSING EVERYTHING but if we didn't have homework this wouldn't be a problem.

  • Many students get stressed before exams nowadays, and that is because they have no time to relax. I believe study is right, it stimulates the mind for learning, but homework on top of study is stressful. Youth is also very important in ones’ life! In youth you don’t need another add-on of time to 30hr week of school! Youth is where children experience the wonders of growing up, love, and become socially active in the social world.

  • Homework is just extra stress on already stressful lives. It doesn't help grades or test scores at all, it actually brings them down based on studies. Even if it isn't banned, students shouldn't be graded on the homework. They could know all there is to know, but have an F because they can't get the homework done.

  • i think that home works gives kids to much stress after school. schools should just give student extra time in class to practice what they have learned instead of making them do work back home that can affect their grade greatly. some people may not have the time to do it might have to end up failing classes because their scheduled is too tight.

  • Homework is a waste of time and we already do a lot of work in school so why do it at home.

  • homework is just a waste of time. we learn everything in school, so why should we do it at home. home is for family time and whenever we have homework it takes time away for you to spend with your families.


  • its stressful and takes time away from family

  • It leads to stress, depression and exhaustion. Having to fit at least 2 hours homework in with work is enough but when you add the everyday stresses of teenagers it all becomes one big mess off confusion anger and anxiety. Children should have time to play sport, spend time with friends and family, play and most importantly relax. If my life gets any harder than it is now in year 10 in all seriousness I will most likely commit suicide.

  • Homework should be banned because, 2 Chinese kids killed there self's because of stress of homework

  • I just don't like homework be cause the teachers give us too much

    Posted by: jhv
  • From kindergarten to 5th grade homework should be banned. That free time after school for those kids are needed for exploring and playing. Middle school should prepare you for high school homework. Once you figure out how to time manage, you should be able to do homework in high school. Doing your homework in high school is very important. As a college student I've learned that in order to understand the lesson being taught I have to do some outside exploring on the subject and do extra homework to pick up what my instructors are teaching me.

  • Home work brings so much stress its unbareable

  • KIDS need time with their family

  • I think it should be banned because it takes away family time

  • homework should be banned because if it is banned then there will be more time to spend with family and friends also we spend 6 1/2 hours at school, 10 - 12 hours asleep, 2 hours getting ready for school, then depending on the person it can take 1/2 to 3 hours to eat their food. so you only have 5-1 hour free depending on the activities of the person so that's why I believe that home work should be BANNED

  • all it does is put stress on kid and teachers make them stay awake in class when its the teachers fault for giving them home work when thy have to stay up all night just to do it so they won't get in trouble the day it is due

    Posted by: joe29
  • I believe our education system is hindering our ability to learn correctly, nothing thats happening is correctly changing it for the best of its ability to help those who want to learn, it is just another label for something that doesn’t work in the first place and it’s going over and over constantly. You get shuffled around 8 hours a day, 5 days a week and when you get home the work doesn't stop. It would be okay if our education system wasn’t 80% wasted time. But really what goes on in any public school? You show up to class, the teacher talks for 5 minutes and then gives you busy work to do. 4 or 5 kids in the class actually understand what's going on and can discuss the subject, but the other 20 will just chat it up and be happy to get a C on their test, but half of the teachers just say you should have studied more or maybe you should have done your work but in reality they can’t learn that way. In my opinion, take the students who are interested and willing to take the extra time to learn and put them into their own programs where they can excel and go beyond normal learning for them and get the stuff they need and the learning type that helps them. These are the kids who have a natural interest in learning. All the other kids are going to forget all the facts they were forced to memorize anyway. And it's not like being educated is valued in this society, no one asks you how smart you are they take your grades. 80% of the jobs in the world are more about personality than "doing busy work". I'm more against the current methods in the U.S.A. for schooling altogether. It's not slavery, yet for some people it feels like it and it’s highly unnecessary. Homework should be more along the lines of extra credit for the mind. Say you have student A, who does their homework on time and really tries each night. Comes the end of the year has a B average for tests\quizzes. There should be more leniency to bump that grade up to an A. Now you have student B. Who hasn't done a single homework assignment yet gets an A (or a B) on all tests\quizzes. In my opinion that student should also receive an A (or B). Regardless of how they received the information, (unless cheating obviously) they gained the knowledge either way so why does it matter how they gained it? Homework is more along the lines of forced studying and some people in this life don’t need that it just comes naturally. How can you kill a dead horse if its already dead? Let's say i'm forced to go into a room and eat a dinner for example. They tell me to be there for an hour but it takes me 10 minutes to eat, the way I eat shouldn’t matter, or how much I eat shouldn’t matter I still gained a dinner. One could argue that if a person is bored in school they could go beyond what the teacher is teaching, but it was my personal experience that I would be “punished” for this type of thing. You aren't allowed to leave class early to go to the library or even go ahead in the lesson. You are forced to sit in the classroom until class is over. There are a lot of insecure control freak teachers out there. Just because my view on school is negative doesn't mean I haven’t gotten anything out of it. Don’t get me wrong I love learning, It’s just the way they make me do it that is preventing me from. Maybe we should stop focusing on the grade that people get and actually focus on how well the student knows the information he is taught. A grade means nothing if its perceived on how well you conform to a flawed system in the first place. For the most part, their learning is mostly memorization, studying for entrance exams and lots of cramming which they will forget when it is no longer necessary. Someone who wants to learn will probably not need homework anyway. It is ironic that in schools there are posters everyone saying along the lines of the same thing “No Two People are the Same” yet they teach everyone the same way because why, It takes longer to know how the kids learns with what tactics they use or what they want to learn and their passion in life is; We take more time in school and working then anything, even spending time with our family, it’s actually quite sad that they don’t take time out of their day to help us with what our passion in life is.

  • -first of all most kids think that homework shouldn't be banned because all they want to do is me infront of a sreen all night long. -then there are some other kids that want homework to be banned because there is too much homework but that dosen't mean that homework should be banned there is still en other solution

  • If you wanna know why homework should be strongly discouraged/banned look up educational policies and ranking of Finland. You'll be surprised what you hear.

  • I'm writing an essay on homework and homework is can actually be bad for you. Homework SUCKS

  • Because if u have had done so much class work u r gonna be tired of doing class work and when u get home u r so wore out that u don't even want to do your homework then u start doing it a night then go to school with little sleep time

    Posted by: Cross
  • personal expeiriences

  • I think that homework is a big waste of time. I am the type of student who gets good grades, and always gets my assignments completed on time. Because of this, people think that I like homework, when actually I hate it!!! I think that it is a stressful waste of time. I HATE HOMEWORK!

  • I dislike homework

  • The homework doesn't do anything. It's just learning stuff we already learned in class. We already have tests and quizzes. So homework doesn't have a huge effect on your grade. So it's not the only thing making you listen. The pioneers had no homework and they got along just fine.

  • Doing homework is a good study habit but it shouldn't be assessed or counted toward or against your grade. That's why teachers shouldn't assign mandatory homework because that implies that it will be graded. That doesn't mean that it can't be checked by the same teacher. It's just that students need to be given the opportunity to practice and master the material on their own without repercussion, and the best way to learn is to understand the errors/mistakes that you've made on your homework. A bad teacher will mark you for your mistakes and never explain why, and a good teacher does the opposite. If you won't study unless someone forces you, then you shouldn't be in that class.

  • Homework is stress and all it does is leaves metal baggage

  • I am a young girl frustrating with home work. It's too much. Teachers keep assigning more and more. Homework ruins mind, it's causes stress, depression, and can do the opposite of its purpose. People get lower grades because of too much homework. It wastes family time, and time to do sports to stay healthy. Everyone wears a backpack. Unless you are lucky to fit a roller backpack in your locker. But my doctor said, I have a fifty percent chance of developing scoliosis, because I carry too much things in my backpack. I may have problems with my back because of homework. Homework does help you memorize what you did in school that day and teaches you how to be responsible for your own work, but it can do others things, and some teachers need to focus on that.

  • If Possible

  • Yes please ban it, many students learn nothing from it and end up copying each other's work or just not do it.

  • I was always top of the class, and an in the 160s range concludes that. I am extremely unorganized, and my grades have fallen to a 2.5 because of this. I do not believe homework should be mandatory and graded, but an optional way to study for tests, which should be the only factor on which grades should be based on, not participation. The job market values results, not effort. If someone finishes nothing and clearly shows no skills, but shows effort, they should not be given an unfair advantage over those who are skilled and thus should get a lower pay or fired.

    Posted by: sambob
  • if kids need more help with learning go see a tutor

  • Homework just keeps us from being with our families. And it keeps us from getting to go out and see the world around us. We weren't put into this world to be stuck inside doing homework. Everyone has to go out and see all the wonderful things that surround them. And get to live each day of life to the fullest. Homework just keeps us from doing that. It wastes hours from everyday of our lives.

  • Homework is just like a school but it puts stress on students and they usauly get less sleep when you have a dead line. Homework makes you tired and stressed. I support this arguement

  • yes it does because it reduces the amount of time kids can do what they like that and the fact that what do you get for it nothing what do you get for not doing it punishment also it once got to the point where i made a book called 100 ways to destroy homework and 3 sequels and im thinking about making a fourth

  • At 16 I am the V.P at a small sailing company. If I didn't have homework I could be earning upwards of 500$ every week working 5 days after school and one day on the weekend. I almost think homework interferes with my constitutional right to the pursuit of happiness but that's another debate. I find homework to be stressful, annoying and causes me extreme sleep deprivation. Also there should be some kind of law prohibiting a student from working more than 11 Hours a day. If you have a first period at 7 and get out at 3 that's 8 hour right there. My student handbook says to expect 3 plus hours of homework a night for a total of 11 hours of schoolwork. This abhorrent consumption of what was once my free time has left me sleep deprived, severely depressed and angered. Homework should be limited by law to no more than 1.5 hours a night. I mean you just spent 8 hours at school. I always love coming home to my mother, father and sister giving them a hug and then disappear into my room for 3-4 hours it's so awesome for family fun. Homework=He'll

  • Please sign this petition to reduce or ban homework in public schools. This is a federal petition and, if it receives 150 signatures, it is officially searchable on the federal website. Takes only a moment to sign. Thank you!

  • Homework has never taught me anything. Period. I'm sure some people may read this and say "yeah, right"but it's true. Back when my parents went to school they never had homework, and they learned everything I did. What's changed is teachers aren't really teaching. Look at Japan - they don't have homework and their education has greatly beat ours! All homework has ever done is caused kids to fail

  • Homework is kinda stupid. It's sort of like busy work, just to keep you working. If you understand the concept already, there's really no need to do homework. And, I do homework until like 1 in the morning, then I have to get up at 6 to go to school to get more homework, and it becomes and endless cycle of sleep deprivation.

  • homework is a bore and takes away from family time

  • it takes time away from fun and games and hanging with family it makes my grades worse

    Posted by: naokai
  • School is work time and home is home time. We don't work outside of work as adults and children should not have their childhoods interfered with like they are adults. I never did homework and got into private college, so go figure.

    Posted by: gd29
  • Homework should be banned. At least to an extent. Homework allows teachers to be a little lazy and can keep some teachers from doing their job job in my opinion. Homework stresses me out because of hours of homework. It's a hard decision, but I choose no.

  • Homework is just for lazy teachers who can't teach enough during their lessons.

  • if students have around 6-8 hours of school, why should they have to do another 1-4 hours of homework?

    Posted by: aylink
  • Homework takes time away from my sleep. I say it should be banned because, it takes time away from my family.

    Posted by: jdog65
  • it stupid

    Posted by: what12
  • see honestly I spend six hours of my day in school and I have other commitments too and so when I come home I want to give myself some rest and being an AP student I have to concentrate a lot on my studies. I usually don't have the stamina and the time to complete my homework because I have to go work and I have to study for like three more tests. I completely agree that homework should be vbecause it is just creating more problems for me in my life. I would rather prefer having no homework just to give myself enough rest and sleep so that I can concentrate on my studies the other day.


  • Kids should have the freedom to play and be active not do homework.

  • im awsome homework suks

  • It has no real academic value and causes many students who would otherwise be doing amazingly in school to suffer terribly. As a person with ADHD I can firmly say that without homework my school life would have been perfect.

  • homework sucks


  • Kids need to sleep, have fun and live life!

  • If teachers don"t give homework, it will cause less stress. Plus, if there was a big test coming up, kids might study. If they had all that homework from all those teachers it would overpower the kid. your brain can only remember seven things at a time.

  • The world has changed. When I was a kid, there was no Internet, no Amazon for cheap books, not even video tapes. If you didn't live near a high-quality public library, homework was the only education games in town, an undisputed opportunity. Not so today. My kid didn't have much homework last year so did an award-winning personal science project that ended up disproving the common explanations for an ordinary physical phenomenon. This year, there was no time because of homework, things like making t-shirts for science class. Boo. Kids are no longer coming home to nothing but Gilligan's Island reruns. If some people would like to keep educating their kids the way they did in the 19th century, and want to choose to let the schools have control of their time until they go to bed at night, then more power to them. For others, it destroys creativity, and research shows structuring kids time too much, such as through too much homework, destroys autonomy and makes it so kids have LESS ability to complete tasks they set for themselves, not more. A lot of research today shows homework is of limited value anyway, even people whose work was used to justify homework. What was the legal basis by which schools were allowed to expect families to put all of their time, 24/7 at the schools' disposal in order for kids to get a public education? No one argued back when homework was an unequivocal opportunity, but that has changed. So, too, should our unquestioning acceptance of that kind of control of our time and focus. The fact is, schools can provide educational excellence, even better, project-based learning opportunities, that make more well-rounded students, that don't involve mandatory homework. Families should be allowed to overtly choose programs that involve nothing but the traditional way of doing things, including giving over their whole lives to it if they wish. But the schools and people who choose the old ways seem determined to force everyone else to do things their way, and thus, I think we should just ban homework by law. Public education is mandatory, and at least in my state, it's a right guaranteed by Constitution, and an EQUAL education is also guaranteed. It's probably Unconstitutional for the schools to expect me to put all of our time at their disposal in order to get a public education. Time to ban homework, and start the conversation about the value of home time and personal autonomy, and how to educate children better AT SCHOOL in the 21st century.

  • Children need to spend time with others instead of worrying about homework.

    Posted by: Fol
  • It should be bandee because its dum and lame

  • homework is bad

  • Well now that there is Common Core than no because it was never tested and it ruining young children especially.

  • Homework is a completely unnecessary addition to students' after-school activities that some teachers give just to keep them busy. That's what one of my teachers had told us, and that's why she never gave us much homework. It's stressful, and takes away time for extracurricular and time to just rest for the next day.

  • Some kids do NOT need the stress and worry of homework until the age of ten, they need to enjoy themselves and living life with no worries. When ten kids should be preparing for collage when you do need homework.

  • people have stressing life's they don't need more stress and when they cant get it done teachers say they are excuses plus we have 8 teachers they cant handle us how come we can handle them

  • homework is very time consuming. If you have homework and an after school sport you dont have much timr for homework when you get home. Homework shoildnt be homework it should be class work. Homework is basiclly extra work. Teachers know that some kids dont get the subject, so they feel like theey have to. That is why teachers should teach better. Now im not saying teachers are bad at what they do and give up on their dreams, or saying longer school days. Im saying teachers shoould teach with a little more information. Thank you.

  • its stupid and takes time away fromyour day and if you play sports you will have to do both

  • because it takes away kids time they give us to much homework NO MORE HOMEWORK

  • students are in school from 5-10 hours everyday! in elementary school you only get two breaks, lunch and recess. some don't even get recess. in middle school and high school you only get lunch break, some schools give a 5-10 minute field break. so why is homework even considered a MUST?! all homework does is make kids stress out even more, making them hate school. The older you get, the longer you stay at school. and the more homework you get. if students HAVE to stay up late doing homework because there teacher gives them detention, suspension, referrals, or just a lot of yelling, they will not do good in school because they are so tired. and with that homework could affect students health. so YES, homework should be banned.

  • Homework ruins my life! I get home around 4 and usually have something after school which asts up to about 5:30. I have 2 hours of homework minimum usually 3 1/2 then its like 9 o'clock. Then theres chores, showering. I usually go to bed around 1. Life sucks

  • Homework wastes family time so it is a waste of time

  • its a waste of time

    Posted by: daevin

  • i think homework should be banned because you cant spend time with family because you r doing homework. also, another reason why is because you should be able to have fun after school. School is 7 hours a day, but homework adds on to learning and school so really, you have 9-10 hours of a school day because homework adds on

    Posted by: Cody_V
  • Why is homework really necessary? Teachers tend to say homework is a way to make sure their students study. But how much homework is ‘too much’? Everyday, students stay up late trying to get their homework done. However, too much homework can be bad for you too. Kids may even have to wake up early in the morning trying to finish their homework, leaving them with not enough sleep. Too much homework can cause the student to lose interest in the subject and can even take away their social life, even limiting the time to participate in other activities. Homework is frequently used as a way for teacher to understand if the student can understand on what has been taught to them. “Homework really is a black hole,” said Etta Kralovec, an associate professor of teacher education at the University of Arizona South and co-author of “The End of Homework: How Homework Disrupts Families, Overburdens Children, and Limits Learning.” Many people thinks the other way. For example homework could be a way of training a child responsibility. Homework is only another way to teach the student that if they forget their duties, they will have to face their own consequences. Students need to know how to use the knowledge on the question and how they should answer. Homework is still encouraged but how much homework is really too much? A normal student have about have about 6.24 hours of school every day, for example if school starts at 8:30 in the morning, school will end at about 3 in the afternoon, and one more hour of extra curriculum to that and if that was added, the student will have lesser time with their family and friends. In conclusion, students should have lesser homework and stick to the one hour rule, which is having the amount of homework that is estimated to be done within an hour. If so, students would have more time to spend with families and friends.

  • In my school in the UK, the teachers make us do 6hrs working in school, then 2-3 hrs of homework at home, in that 8-10 hrs of work i could be halfway to Japan, arrived in Florida. The english Government only worry about the primary school kids stressing about homework but what about the secondary school kids stressing over homework i get 3-4 pieces a day of homework and in assembly the teacher said we should spend 1hr-2hrs on ONE PIECE of homework every night what if i get four pieces, that 5-8hrs on homework a night, its ridiculous they should at least make homework compulsory for English, Maths and Core Science.!

  • I for one had so many, and still do, after school activities that it was supremely difficult to stay on top of my homework. Also, if I traveled over... Let's say Thanksgiving break, then I couldn't get the homework that I was assigned done on time. It was very irritating.

  • because it is pointless, we work hard enough at school

  • I hate homework

  • Homework is control. Schools turn students into little guinea pigs with homework, it allows the school to control the student to prevent them from losing focus on school. Because if they do, their grades will suffer, and if their grades suffer, the school district loses money.

  • Homework can really stress out kids,and take away,Family time,games,activities,all that.Plus some homework can take a long time to do like 2-3 hours.BAN HOMEWORK!!!!

  • Homework is good for the student to learn, but it sometimes make the students work all day without spending any time with their family, even on holidays. And homework can really stress students out and being stressed is definitely not healthy. If there is no homework, students will look forward to going to school more. Instead of homework, the teachers should extend the school timing and make the students do all the work in school, but not until too late though.

  • Home and work are two different places. There should be some differences! You go home to relax and have family time etc. You go to work/school to work and learn. You wouldn't go to school to relax would you, so why cross that the other way.

  • hw= shit

  • yes because people just set there homework down and don't do it

  • My brother once stayed up 'till 2 A.M. doing homework. It affects people with their sleep. All the kids who I've known that have ever fallen asleep in class said it was because of too much homework.

  • Homework is a huge cause of stress, anxiety, and depression among youth. Finland put a ban on homework, and their academic scores have increased

  • homework is scientifically proved to do absolutely nothing for you... studying is different but worksheets are pointless and do not help us at all

  • Homework can cause stress, while stress can cause negative health effects. It can also decrease an average child's physical exercise, which can be bad in the future.

  • sizas, es que sab q las tareas son pa las personas que estudian y yo no estudio

  • In my school we have a quiz daily which makes us study every single day. By the way, we are saturated with a lot of work which doesn't let us have time for doing another activities or more homework.

  • homework can take a lot of time that you can spend instead with your family. also people get more distracted at home so they just cheat and get the answers from another person

    Posted by: cdvtv
  • I agree, I think it is enough with all the word we have at school

  • Homework is something most people do disgruntledly as it is more work to do at home, where is where we are supposed to rest. So as being homework kind of an obligated task, people either don't do it or do it badly so they don't really learn and enjoy learning because they feel that they are being forced to do it. Also, we have to study for other things so it makes studying overwhelming.

  • School lasts 7 hours a day, going home and continue making homework's involves a lot of stress and students get tired by studying that much a day. Students don't have leisure time and can't do what they like or be with their families since all day they are supposed to be studying. Also, an excuse of teachers when someone does not understand a topic is to study it at home, but how are they going to study the topic to have more knowledge about it if they need to make homework's. In my opinion schools involve a lot of stress since students need to go school 7 hours, go home and study or make homework's and study topics that were not understood. A good way of reducing this stress is getting homework's banned.

  • It depends I think on the level you are in your educational career. It is redundant in primary school, since you arent get overloaded with essays like when you are in high school just before university. Finland does fine without giving homework to students in a primary school. I devoted 2 hours to homework when I attended a primary school.

  • When I was a student, I had so much homework that every day it averaged around one hour and thirty minutes. You may not think it's that much, but children like me were too busy with soccer, music lessons (I took three instruments), theater and other activities. According to the study on the website from the prestigious college of Stanford, says that 56 percent of students at top performing high schools in reputable high schools said homework was their main stress source. The study also said that the students averaged around 3.1 hours of homework every night.

  • Although i'm not saying homework should be completely banned, the amount of it should be heavily decreased. It can take up lots of kids and teens time, especially at home, where they could be hanging out with friends and socializing, doing chores, or sleeping. If you look at Finland for example, has some of the highest academic scores in the world and their students only do an average of 3 hours of homework per week.

  • Homework does nothing and inflicts stress upon the student.

  • Homework should be banned because it ads unnecessary stress to the day. If classes were done better then you wouldn't need a sheet of paper to help memorize the material.

    Posted by: Almora
  • Homework is important because it helps you learn more about what you're learning. Also you have to do homework before a test or quiz by studying

  • I personally hate homework. I do. But if they removed it I guarantee you no one would EVER pay attention in class except the avid learners who absorb knowledge like a sponge. Grades are the only motivator to pay attention for most students, as they have not experienced real life fully yet. Homework is a large part of those grades

  • Homework may stink, but it helps people study.

  • no u can learn from it

    Posted by: zachb
  • Although too much homework is bad, a little homework can be good.

  • I totally agree homework is to help prepare us for the future! do you want a bright future?!? Also homework gets your parents involved with your education. Homework is basically a review from what you learned in school, so if you find homework hard you probably need to pay more attention in school. Another reason is to do sports at school you have to make good grades, homework is an EASY A+. If you get a grade for it and I'm amusing you do or at least you should.

    Posted by: sala
  • Homework should not be banned because it encourages students work independently. It also ensures that students practice what they are learning in class.

  • Hours of homework a day is pretty annoying, but if you get rid of all of your daily homework then you would be struggling in class. Homework is like a refresher of the things that you learned in class. I think that by putting the time of homework down to about half of what it currently is, then it would be the best of both worlds, homework as a refresher, and less homework to make people that don't like it not fail in class but still be happy.

  • home is essential for all of us, without homework, we would be drolling apes, sluggishly mopping around. It teaches us vital lessons and keeps us in order, and maintains a pace with our lives. with out homework this generation would be messed up, even more than it is al ready.

  • Students should have small amounts of reasonable homework, not just filler homework. If kids need more homework than they are getting, it is up to them to ask for more. children should be able to move at their own pace. The purpose of homework should be to explore the subject that students are working on. Students should be able to go as deep as they want. there should be no limits on how many words an essay can have.

  • Homework can act as a good review of what you learn. For example, a student who does not learn may not read before test. But if he does the homework he may study in one way. Some pupils do not use the time rightly and when at the time of exams , pupils find wrong examples. But if homework are made compulsory, they would anyhow complete the homework and will find the time.

  • Homework shouldn't be banned because it helps people be more flexible with their schedules. It also teaches them responsibility.

  • I LOVE HOMEWORK! Homework is to help you get better grades on tests.

  • I think homework should not be banned. I know is depends on what grade your in, but where i work we have very little HW. Plus, mostly everyone on the yes side is either a student, or has no reasoning.

  • It gives kids responsibilities and discipline it also keeps them out of trouble as well as giving parents alone time it helps kids practice what they learnt in class lets just Homework can also be proof that a student is up to date with their curriculum. It helps memorize information and other work. If a student attends class and then goes home free of homework, what he previously learned in class that day could have been forgotten, so homework will then bring that knowledge keep it memorized. Because without homework students would not be able to reinforce the lessons they have learned in class. It teaches responsibility and time management, so with the kids who are saying that homework should be banned because they have sports, they're poor time managers and should deal with the fact of homework. People also learn by doing, and practice makes perfect:) Because with out homework later in life we might forget  what we have learned and so yeah I think we should have homework instead of being lazy and not do nothing.

  • I think that homework should not be banned because even though that some teachers give out a lot of homework the teachers still give you time in class to do it. If you use that time wisely then you will get done with homework and not have any homework for the night, but if you goof of then there is going to be a chance that you will still have a lot of homework to do. Also when the teachers give the homework to us their doing it so that way we can learn more about the lesson that the teachers were teaching us that day. One more thing, if you actually pay attention in class and listen how to do the homework you would already know how to the homework so it would be easy for you and you could probably get done with the homework reallly quick and still get it right. :D

  • students have to act independently and be willing to read or write,knowing if they struggle,they will have to work through the problem or difficult words themselves.

  • sometime you need homework to deepen your understanding of certain topics that you didn't get at school. Also, many teachers would have to totally re-write their entire lesson plans all over the course of the summer that this ban was enacted.

  • Home work teaches kids to be responsible without the guardian angel of their parents and teachers. The amounts right now are excessive, but homework is necessary. Teachers should decrease the amount of Homework, but I think that it should still be given out. ( the exact words of a 6th grader )

    Posted by: Ingo
  • There Shouldn't Be Homework. There Should Be Little Half Sheets For School To Refresh Your Mind In School

  • Homework helps practice skills that you might not understand the first time through. Also it teaches you a sense of responsibility by giving you something to do. And finally it gets you more focus on school and you just going home and forgetting most everything while doing something like video games or hanging around with friends.

    Posted by: NWT27
  • I don't think so. Homework make us pratise our knowlegdes after school. For examples, you are studying Math, but you don't do homeworks, how can you consolidate your knowledge? However, I think too musch homework can make students be stressed.....

  • Students Need Homework To Get More Educational Needs ? So I Believe That Homework Should Be Banned ?

  • Homework is a beneficial tool for students to learn the topic the teacher is presenting.

  • Homework can help you learn. It's like the teachers are teaching you at home with homework so you can learn more and get better jobs, although too much can be overkill. I've had that before.

  • Homework educates kids

  • I think it depends on what you mean by "homework". Different subject require different things. For instance, English homework usually consists of writing papers. That should be done outside of class you so can use class time to discuss how to write and, in most cases, the material you are actually writing about. Sometimes English homework is reading, which gives you class time to discuss the book or to write your paper! Math homework is usually a page (or two or three) of problems. Repetition is how you learn math. Science and History homework never made sense to me unless it was a project, in which case, it's okay because projects help teach you the material, along with teaching you how to properly manage your time when faced with a deadline. Foreign Language homework is normally practising words--which, again, helps with memorization. Other electives don't normally give a lot of homework, and if they do, it's probably work not finished in class. All in all, I think that kids who complain about how they have "5 hours worth of homework" are just really bad at time management or not good at the subject they're studying, which homework helps them to improve in.

  • it should be banned but look at this info i collected: The subject of homework being banned has been discussed and debated for years by students, teachers and parents. Both sides of the argument have numerous reasons for their decision, but here are some of the reasons why homework should not be banned from schools. First of all, homework encourages students to undertake independent learning which they will be required to do when they get to University. Many people argue that schools spoon-feed their students, which makes them completely unprepared for what awaits them at higher education when all research and further reading must be done on the student’s own time. By setting homework in the form of projects, students will be able to learn on their own and develop skills that will serve them well in later life. It also helps to teach the students responsibility and time management skills, seeing as the teacher is not there to make them learn. Secondly, a lot of students prefer to learn on their own and teach themselves, rather than having a teacher lecture them. Homework encourages children to do this and may also help them to revise it more thoroughly. Whatever students have learnt in the classroom can then be reinforced and solidified by completing homework tasks. Homework can also be beneficial for the teacher as when they collect homework in to mark it, it gives them a good idea of how much their students understand what is being taught. Practice makes perfect as the saying goes. So the only way to get better at algebra is to practice it, which is why teachers set homework. It help to encourage a great number of skills that students will find extremely useful not only in school and any further education that they may go on to, but also in jobs that they will have. so i changed my mind about h/w

  • homework, who will become our leaders. No body can be successful without homework. Famous routewq of my dad," homework helps, laziness does not."

    Posted by: basia
  • Homework should never be banned. Homework helps to enforce subjects, and students learn better with homework. The two reason that why students hate homework is because they are lazy and because it requires work. Whenever we hear the word work, we don't want to do any work.


  • No, homework should not be banned. The reason to this is because nobody wants to live as an employe at MC. Donald's making no more than $3 an hour. Also, if you have homework it helps you understand the assignment better.

    Posted by: darens
  • What do you want to be when you grow up? I take it that you want to be something like a doctor, a video game designer, a clothing designer, or an engineer. Not a trash man, a MC Donald employee, or a plummer for the rest of your life, do you?DO you know what you need for those jobs? Degrees, experience,and most importantly good grades. I am not saying we need a lot of homework, just enough to remember the criteria. I know that right now it seems like you are pilled up with homework and can not do what you want, but think of what it will do for you in the long run. You are not wrong or have the wrong feelings, I mean I get were you are coming from if you don't want homework, we want to have fun and we have friends to worry about. In the long run homework is good for us.

  • everyone has their own opinion depending on how much homework their teachers give out. me on the other hand usually get my homework done in advisory so its technically not homework until it LEAVES school. everyone who is against homework if you had homework would you just be sitting on your butt all day in front of a computer or tv? right now i am doing an essay on if the goodness of homework and have found that people who do their homework have better test scores and grades than those who dont. many people dont realize this but homework can teach you life lessons, especially the classes you take in high school. if you think i am wrong something is wrong with YOU!

  • it is important we need to do homeworks because it will help us to keep up our studying attitude! =D

  • our generation will be brain dead stupid zombies with out it

  • No homework should not be banned because it makes use smarter duh.

  • People like Thomas E Edison did homework. And look where that got him!

  • As much as I don't enjoy doing homework and spending my time on it (time that I could be using for doing things I like), homework is ultimately there to help me. It helps understand a lesson and actually put it into practice. If my teachers didn't assign homework, I would have to be doing twice the amount of studying to get the same grade, I think.

    Posted by: mgsm
  • Homework is useful. It allows a student to practice what they have been taught that day so they may learn it better. People learn I. Different ways, some by listening, some by seeing, some by both and some by hands on activity. Homework allows those to learn in school and prove that they are lead I g and doing well. Also I can see it as some people get "Test Anxiety" which could cause them to seem like they don't know much. However the homework can provide that they did learn it. Second homework is also meant to prepare you for a job. It is teaching you to get your work done that you need to get done. Homework is meant to be useful and helpful. If you don't practice something you learned how are you to know that you actually know it. Ex in gamers mode: You and your friend are playing let's say "tanked" they tell you all about how to play the game. And your home work is to practice the skills and techniques he taught you.

  • At times I get 6 hours of homework, but revision at home is a key part of your education, so I can live with it.

  • How well would you do on your test if you didn't have homework. Its almost another way of studying.

  • no homework should not be banned because majority of the school going children go to school for 5-6-7 hours giving homework is necessary because if they will not be provided with homework then they will just waste time and would not study a single bit if they would not study then they will be skill less at the working ages the would not be able to earn if the would not earn then they will become liability for the country and hence either nation will not progress or they would rather beg

  • No homework shouldn't completely be banned, but it should be limited. Some teachers and professors give entirely too much homework. Students have life other than school.

  • I think it should not be banned. If we just end up by school lesson. there is nothing left. However, if students do homework, they can remember what they've learned in school lesson, and the knowledge can be theirs.

  • Homework is given so less intelligent students can practice to perform as well as gifted students. If you argue that there should not be homework because you get good grades without studying, chances are you're either autistic or have no friends; in the best case, both.

    Posted by: Shinya
  • Homework shows you and your teacher the you comprehend the subject in matter. This can go for both test and quizzes.

  • The first benefit of homework is that it allows students and teachers to work more closely together. They can discuss their assignments or any problems that they are having with parts of their textbooks, before or after classes. The second benefit is that it can bring families closer together as students may ask their parents or siblings for help on their homework. Not only will this help the students get a better understanding of their work with any parts they are stuck on, it will also allow parents to get more involved in their child's educational life. Thirdly, doing homework will prepare students for the big end tests. If a child does poorly on an assignment then they will learn what is necessary to do well on the next test without being punished. It also provides students with the opportunity to practice at what it takes to be successful in school. Like they say, practice makes perfect. Doing homework is also a great way to develop responsibilities. By being assigned work one day and knowing that it has to be done by the next day, they will develop a sense of punctuality by turning their work in on time.

  • Homework really shouldn't be banned as homework is just one of the ways teachers know that you have been learning. If you think about it, teachers want you to succeed, so as the majority of parents, and no successful person that has a decent job and earns a decent amount of money has not done some sort of homework. It is also proven that students who have not done homework or revision of what they've learnt in the last 10 hours, they will forget 40% off the things that they have learnt, which might be a significant problem for everyone, teachers will have to keep teaching the same things and won't get to move on or progress in any way, students will get frustrated for not being able to grasp the concepts learnt in the school day and parents will be worried about the child's academic progress. The main reason why students detest homework is because they have not understood the reason why homework is a crucial factor in a student's life. Games and fun is all what regular children care for, which is understandable, but really! Grow up! In life, nothing is served on a silver platter; no work is done for you on the spot. Especially as adults, work will become a major part of your everyday lives, and as a child, if you do not try your best, learn as well as you can and not doing work, adult life will become one of the hardest things that you will ever come across. Homework is just the beginning of the work-life ahead of you...

  • Absolutely not, Homework is essential to self-learning and life-long learning.

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Kamran12 says2013-12-12T17:56:43.7123484-06:00
Personally I think no due to the fact that if children don't get homework, that how will they benefit from what they've learned in school? That's the same thing as learning something temporarily and forgetting it oppose to over viewing what you have learned today in class so that you can maintain the knowledge and understanding of the topic, in all ends homework should be a daily basis routine so that you can acknowledge the fact that what you're learning in school will only help you in the future.
Macgreggor says2013-12-13T22:29:46.0495195-06:00
Homework is the least of your problems considering the dire situation public schools are in. Then look at the job market, even those with college educations are not getting jobs in their field or at all. So, don't do homework, make playing videos a priority, but unless you are designing the games, I will toss you a coin on the corner in front of Wal*Mart.
yolo-man says2014-02-07T16:23:43.5606235-06:00
Don't be stupid guys, american pisa scores are already below average, and china has the highest grades!
anica0308 says2014-03-04T11:58:31.5429722-06:00
Personally, I think homework is tiring and boring, but it comes useful and educational in the end. If you didn't get homework you would lack information, fall behind in class and not know much about the concept or info. If schools banned homework, then students can't prepare themselves for the future. Overall, homework should not be banned.
sarahpoppy10 says2014-03-05T10:24:46.5083083-06:00
We have lessons and hobbies that we need to persue i am in fith grade and I THINK HOMEWORK SUCKS AND IT SHOULD BE BANNED!
sarahpoppy10 says2014-03-05T10:36:29.3520412-06:00
I totally agree with Jord. SO TRUE!
oxo_lauram says2014-05-09T12:54:50.4998778-05:00
-first of all most kids think that homework shouldn't be banned because all they want to do is me infront of a sreen all night long. -then there are some other kids that want homework to be banned because there is too much homework but that dosen't mean that homework should be banned there is still en other solution
oxford_wildcats says2014-05-14T12:24:58.4539637-05:00
"homework" should be banned or lowered to 1 page a week because kids get stressed out when they don't have time to do what they want so get stressed out from not calming down after school and playviedo games for an hour
werdio76 says2014-05-15T10:44:08.2725497-05:00
I had an assingnment that went till 1:00 am
Painsword22 says2014-05-19T11:39:55.6800496-05:00
There was a assignment that I had that went from 4:30 Pm To 10:30 Pm
mrawesome2050 says2014-05-28T17:52:53.4778506-05:00
It must be banned!
kskxjdn says2014-06-10T05:42:20.2666326-05:00
I'm a 11 year old boy,my teacher makes us do on let work on a condition that we do no homework then she made us take a five page thing to do. I was stressing over it all night I hardly got any sleep it was horrible
tobias4eaton says2014-07-17T04:10:30.0384352-05:00
Think about it. When we were young, older kids told us that homework was annoying and bad. We grew up believing that and now kids dislike homework. And the cycle goes on. Take certain religions for example. I grew up being a catholic because my parents told me it is the right thing to believe in. Being religious has been engraved into my brain.
rafbal16 says2014-09-03T23:59:35.2848657-05:00
Homework is a good thing, but when is it to much? Today in most schools teachers give us homework and expect us to finish and turn in the next day. As if us teenagers already didn't have enough homework from the previous 3 or 4 sometimes even 6 classes. I believe homework shouldn't be banned but at least give us a 2 day time period.
reartmn1 says2014-09-17T15:12:06.5631681-05:00
I think that these days that there is more tech at school than home cause my familey does not let me on there computer so i cant do any work at home and then i fail.
wildmanz says2014-10-18T11:34:49.9911836-05:00
Whats it matter I don't do it anyways lol
aylink says2014-11-12T01:28:07.8769820-06:00
Homework is different than studying, studying is a choice.
imtooocool says2014-11-12T13:23:02.3260793-06:00
Yes I say homework should be banned. They just finished school work.
sdasdas says2014-11-19T13:55:55.0216915-06:00
Homework no help me! Merica!! I like cake! This is stupid! No homework!
sdasdas says2014-11-20T13:30:24.6612359-06:00
Homework=homework. In 5 years i will turn into a sandwitch. HOMEWORK ATE MY FAMILY!!!!!!!!
what12 says2014-11-20T14:48:13.2681407-06:00
It's all true, bros homework is useless
xXDeadShotXx says2014-12-19T10:27:11.6565207-06:00
Hello homework is not kool
Gankidama says2015-01-06T13:57:38.6014953-06:00
Homework sucks and takes up your own time. It may help you a little, but is still :(
yale says2015-01-06T14:00:33.9744469-06:00
yale says2015-01-06T14:01:14.4056069-06:00
Homework should be banned for GOOOD NO MORE HOMEWORK IS VERY GOOD
yale says2015-01-06T14:15:14.7391549-06:00
Mom a homework page just bit my head off i am in the building that heals you can i plz not have homework so ****ing ban homework from school
yale says2015-01-07T10:08:22.9648676-06:00
Hyi gankidama
Chloe.Walton says2015-01-15T00:05:58.4002316-06:00
The problem isn't with homework it's the punishments given because students don't complete it. I even started skipping classes because I was afraid of my teachers and what they would say to me if I hadn't finished my homework, I stayed up all night working just so I wouldn't worry about not having my homework the next day. I know that many people will not have had those experiences but some do, and school shouldn't be a scary place for anyone.
derekalllen210 says2015-04-08T10:19:25.2384246-05:00
Homework is TORTURE, we kids already have to go to school for 8 hours a day, and now you add an extra 1-3 hours of homework. Almost half of a kids day is related to school. Homework should be banned for stress , hardly any family time and is just simply unfair.
200817 says2015-04-17T12:37:10.5700056-05:00
Die homework die
zarat22317 says2015-04-21T16:55:42.7542743-05:00
Homework should not be banned, it is beneficial.
JAFT says2015-05-19T13:27:13.7941189-05:00
Homework is one of the only problems (bisides the school lunches) that public schools have. We work hard all day and the house is the only place to have fun. Thats why i agree that home work is not needed and should be banned.
Wristband_niko says2015-05-20T10:29:26.2531219-05:00
I dont get this, sometimes we get homework and sometimes we dont make a decision no homework and that is it
Lexi2004 says2015-05-21T09:52:32.5226641-05:00
I don't like homework I know I try to rush through it
WAHMED_XI says2015-06-16T06:59:00.3924535-05:00
Your fat mother
WAHMED_XI says2015-06-16T06:59:39.3813532-05:00
Your fat mother and your fat dad go at it like dodds and bruce
Humanities says2015-06-16T08:19:46.2292377-05:00
We did this debate in my class and the winning side was the side supporting homework. We both made some great points but we came out on top.
Humanities says2015-06-16T08:23:42.7609863-05:00
In class we did this debate.I am on the side of having homework. If homework is not over done if you only get like 45 minutes worth it is not that bad. Homework is very important for the future. Both sides of the debate had good points and both were pretty equall but in the end we came out on top and that is all that matters.
11zhowell says2016-12-05T14:45:39.6185500Z
Yes because people just set there homework down
Soccercars says2017-04-25T21:11:40.4488067Z
Hey /tufjsifjzi th sodnfodbrodbricjrovn it. It. UFC. I'd v I got civil I don't vigorous. T it g vkv for jt first. District. Fbc
WinnerAlways says2017-05-21T22:35:51.2208377Z
Homework is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo important people!
PedroHincapie says2017-07-05T15:51:58.0552712Z
I agree, I think it is enough with all the word we have at school
PedroHincapie says2017-07-05T15:52:55.6671791Z
I agree, I think it is enough with all the word we have at school
martingarcia2000 says2017-07-05T15:54:42.9486551Z
Hello homework should be banned because this take time while you can do leisures
martingarcia2000 says2017-07-05T15:55:37.4880031Z
Hello homework should be banned because this take time while you can do leisures
luciana_toro says2017-07-05T15:55:44.7422356Z
I think that homework is too much to deal wth after school, becuase i consider that 8 hours of studying is enought, perhaphs we could manage to have some time at school hours to make some extra activities to recover some topics. But i still consider that homework is kind of an abuse, since we need o ave some time for ourselves.
Jai_G says2018-11-09T05:26:30.4863541Z
As a school student I agree with "homework should be banned" Not just because of the fact its undesirble, But the fact that most schools want to keep home and school seperate. SO WHY HAVE HOMEWORK? Also home is like a safe haven, Its where we finally get ti relaxe afterschool. Only to find out we have homework due the next day. Lastly, Most kids and teenagers hae afterschool sports clubs or dance that e are commited to but either miss out on that becasue of homework. Or get in trouble the next day at school becasue we could not finish the homework. PEACE

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