Should homework be banned

Posted by: willtreaty1156

Though many people say that homework is good for your and people should stop complaining and just sit down and do it. But they are wrong because homework causes issues for the student, his/her family, and the student’s education.

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tsume says2015-05-21T14:23:23.7139810-05:00
Do you really expect me to read all that
Reeseroni says2015-05-21T15:35:16.8381241-05:00
Busywork should be banned not homework
Reeseroni says2015-05-21T15:36:06.4314778-05:00
How does it case issues for the student, their family, and their education? What? Homework deepens your education and makes you smarter...
132sque says2015-05-23T12:53:57.4955219-05:00
Issues, Obesity? Are you kidding me! Homework is there to deepen your learning to ensure you can take things out of the classroom and do them without the teacher present to help you. It's there not just for you but for the parents also so they can get to have an input in your learning as well a being on track with what you are being taught at school. It's all to common these days that parents feel disconnected from the teacher and what they are doing, this helps eradicate this. Also let's face it when have a career/job it's not 9 till 5 then go home and relax, there is always other work to do, most careers require you to take work home. Therefore homework is good practice for this. It's amazing how many kids on this website whine about how they haven't got enough time when they get home and relax. If not why are you on here?
face1995 says2015-07-14T11:50:35.8542175-05:00
As controversial as this topic may sound, some school districts have banned homework and they actually saw that most students' test grades went up. Even the schools district of Jonquiere, Quebec, Canada has banned homework and the same result occurred over there.

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