Should homework be banned?

Posted by: bookworm-debator

I just want to know the opinion of everyone, so don't turn this into chaos.

  • YES!

  • NO!

76% 45 votes
24% 14 votes
  • Homework is unnecessary and causes students to over-stress. Evidence shows that students who do not have homework tend to do better in academic endeavors.

  • Homework is something that shouldn't be forced on students,as a chid grows up she or he will understand how important it is for their academics life and will do it .In addition they will be able to decide when to do it without being penalized,if their time schedule is filled with other duties (especially talking about sport).If he or she don't understand this,it is because they probably don't intend to continue studying.

  • Homework is just stress on kids that should be playing outside and exploring.

  • Homework causes stress which leads to negative health effects. Children to take their time doing physical activities instead of getting swamped with a bunch of meaningless papers. Kids already have 6/7 hours of school everyday, adding more hours on with homework is just meaningless. Therefore, I believe homework should be banned.

  • Homework can stress out children to complete it in time for the due date . It has a certain effect on children to make them not want to come into school therefore damaging their education . In my opinion homework should be banned .

  • After children have left the school there is no reason why they should have to take part of that school with them. School is a very soul crushing depressing thing and needs to be kept out of a home enviroment.

  • FInland education system is preforming better, Than our system by giving students shorter days and little or no homework. This allow them to explore the outdoors more and become more creative. So by giving students have less time to explore what the world they live on provides and destroys creativity because school forces us to think a certain way instead of building on our strengths.

  • I think that little kids are being corrupt due to staring at homework all night this is not ok. All 9 year olds have to stand together to stop this madness and we can stop the teachers together.

  • I have a lot of things to do after school, And homework, Makes it hard to do sports I enjoy

  • Home work is a chance to study and get better at stuff that you lack whoever voted yes is a kid no adult would think that now if u didnt have homework u would fail test and be even more stupid then if u had homework see homework sometime is fun im not a nerd so whoever says the is gay

  • Homework is an important part of studying. It provides a chance to practice and reinforce what you are learning. Now obviously there is such a thing as too much homework, research has proven that, but banning homework altogether is terribly foolish.

  • It seems as though the people on the other side do not see any reason to prepare outside the classroom or had a bad schooling experience themselves. Also the whole "if they feel like it is important they will study" theory is great in a perfect world. You would see a lot of kids bow out completely and parents support it. Homework keeps kids tethered to responsibility which is a major life skill. I am a teacher and my homework takes 10 minutes. Exercise a little self control and accountability, or if that is too hard for you then the world will crush you.

  • Kids will just become stupid without homework.

  • Homework is a helpful way to basically force me to study and go over the materials we are working on at the moment. It's very important.

    Posted by: mhagh2
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CatalyticConvertersRule says2018-01-11T04:09:31.6979208Z
It's getting FREE WORK out of the kids. The brainwashed, t.v. watching, free-babysitting wanting people won't agree, but all that home work is, is a way to keep a child busy, by doing mundane tasks. Also, I've heard that in the JEW.S.A. (which is exactly what your country has turned into), a rag for the jew to piss on (don't get mad bro, get edJEWcated), they are using a WEAPON (courtesy of the jew) in the edJEWcation system called "Common Core." This, apparently, makes the child go through an absolute MAZE to get to the answer of simple multiplication and addition questions, etc. Now, why would jew, or a Christian or a Muslim or a Buddhist, or an Illuminati member *want* dumbed-down children? A nation of idiots will NOT fight back when it comes to jew dropping bombs on them. See, you Americans are SOOOOO void of any foresight or education (from the right source - and NOT UNESCO, either), that you don't even SEE that WW III is already here. Yes, that is correct, people. 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suckmyDickyoufaggot says2018-01-17T22:31:30.2444181Z
Fuck the U.S.A the Government is corrupt the moon landing is fake so whenever Russia lands on the moon they will win we cheated fuck donald trump
ThotXXXterminator says2018-04-02T12:26:27.1391649Z
Homewor is for fags
oneshotkill says2019-01-28T14:00:55.2002979Z
Homework big gay
oneshotkill says2019-01-28T14:03:16.2866979Z
The Richmond middle school should get rid of fuckin homework
oneshotkill says2019-01-28T14:15:24.1965428Z
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oneshotkill2 says2019-01-28T14:20:17.0570979Z
oneshotkill says2019-01-28T14:21:00.6434979Z
Hola mi amigo cyka blyat go die in a ditch

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