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wmatychuk says2013-09-19T18:13:34.8501210-05:00
If we had no homework one of the following would happen: 1. The west would fall way behind in technology in the next generation, as the next generation would have a much lower level of technology. 2. See above.
yay842 says2013-09-19T22:08:01.1279751-05:00
How would the west fall behind in technology if homework was illegal. I'm not against you, but enlighten me.
wmatychuk says2013-09-20T15:04:16.0182809-05:00
Children would receive less education. Thus, they would not be able to cover as much curriculum in a single year due to not doing as much work, and the next generation would be a much lower intellectual level in the next generation. At grade twelve, children without homework would probably be around the same stage as a grade ten student is today. Intelligence = Progression. Ignorance = No progression.
Tulbakra says2013-09-23T15:11:56.4788202-05:00
Less homework, and a longer school year.
Krieg01 says2013-09-23T21:14:31.0331819-05:00
I do not think homework should be illegal i just believe there should be way less than what is normally being handed out these days.

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