Should homosexual couples be permitted to adopt children?

Posted by: benhos

If not, please specify why.

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It depends

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TBR says2015-06-24T11:11:11.2172803-05:00
Well, lets see... If you are a conservative, oppose abortion, want more children put up for adoption, and oppose same-sex adoptions, what are you planing to do with the ~40k children/year adopted by same-sex couples?
skyfish says2015-06-24T13:39:01.8030859-05:00
Same sex couples are MORE likely to stay together because they have had to fight so hard for the right to do so. That kind of stability is what and adopted kid needs more than anything.
EthanLiddell says2015-06-24T14:09:46.6418146-05:00
Yes - I think they should because they love each other and they can't help that - the problem with loving the same sex is that you cannot reproduce and if you want you - I think you should be aloud no matter if you are gay or straight
xhammy says2015-06-24T16:35:11.8116031-05:00
Skyfish even if that's true it is an assursion
TBR says2015-06-24T16:39:46.5883048-05:00
@xhammy - How is that different then your baseless assertion regarding domestic violence?
Kreakin says2015-06-24T17:43:13.8370592-05:00
"lesbians are very high (statistically) for domestic violence with kids" - Proof or be ignored.
xhammy says2015-06-24T18:11:24.5778157-05:00
@TBR actually my "assertion" comes from actual statistics! "About 17-45% of lesbians report having been the victim of a least one act of physical violence perpetrated by a lesbian partner (1,5,6,13). Types of physical abuse named by more than 10% of participants in one study included: Disrupting other�s eating or sleeping habits Pushing or shoving, driving recklessly to punish, and slapping, kicking, hitting, or biting (11). Sexual abuse by a woman partner has been reported by up to 50% of lesbians (12). Psychological abuse has been reported as occurring at least one time by 24% to 90% of lesbians (1,5,6,11,14)." coming from the National Violence Against Women Prevention Research Center So its not a assertion like that of @skyfish
TBR says2015-06-24T18:18:55.2860830-05:00
Xhammy - Provide a source. From sources I have seen, the numbers are completely in line with general public,
xhammy says2015-06-24T18:27:24.8837024-05:00
I PROVIDED A SOURCE!!! Right after the quotes..... The SOURCE IS THE NATIONAL Violence Against Women Prevention Research Center. Did you skim past it or...........?
Kreakin says2015-06-24T18:30:22.8849058-05:00
1,5,6,13? On what page pls.
Kreakin says2015-06-24T18:34:59.7434299-05:00
I'm fairly sure you are misrepresenting the data.
xhammy says2015-06-24T18:38:27.9728991-05:00
One URL for you sir! make of the data what you must.
Kreakin says2015-06-24T18:39:59.1911884-05:00
What about the National Violence Against Women Prevention Research Center? That was your evidence..
xhammy says2015-06-24T18:41:24.0724207-05:00
Also when comparing with other statistics, sources and such, this is specific reports of a certain kind and does not include unreported domestic violence. Many sources on domestic violence against women will include unreported which would not compare accurately, so read fine prints before rebutting my argument.
TBR says2015-06-24T18:42:50.5292833-05:00
Yup. Look at the actual study. Nothing out of norm. You seem to have an "agenda".
Kreakin says2015-06-24T18:43:15.5038437-05:00
So you can't prove you didn't misrepresent the data. You provided no relevant links to your previous assertions and think going off at an angle will distract people from this?
TBR says2015-06-24T18:44:38.3488387-05:00
Its right in the next paragraph (that he is too lazy to read). "How is lesbian partner violence different from heterosexual partner violence? There are several similarities between lesbian and heterosexual partner violence. Violence appears to be about as common among lesbian couples as among heterosexual couples (1,5). In addition, the cycle of violence occurs in both types of relationships. However, there also are several differences. "
TBR says2015-06-24T18:45:35.2060501-05:00
So, still waiting for anything to back this absurd "Also lesbians are very high (statistically) for domestic violence; nobody knows why."
Kreakin says2015-06-24T18:49:01.5365058-05:00
"In addition, a unique element for lesbians is the homophobic environment that surrounds them (4,10,14)" xhammy for example??
TBR says2015-06-24T18:50:39.8751977-05:00
I have done this dance with xhammy before. Statements with nothing to back it, and in this case complete failure on his part. Just admit you are completely out of your depth and move along xhammy.
xhammy says2015-06-24T18:53:28.3943497-05:00
I am kinda still on edge about your level of intelligence/bias as you asked me for a citation and made a big deal about how I didn't provide one when I had explained where the data came from.
Kreakin says2015-06-24T18:54:16.2560701-05:00
Nice try but won't get you off the hook.
TBR says2015-06-24T18:55:47.7518296-05:00
@xhammy - I am wondering about your reading comprehension. Do you see where you are proven completely wrong by your own link?
xhammy says2015-06-24T18:57:19.9184020-05:00
Seriously though I am trying to pull up the statistics on domestic violence against straight women. Which is harder than you would think because a lot of it is based on loose definitions or includes estimated unreported violence. If you were to compare reported violence with reported and estimated unreported that wouldn't work would it?
TBR says2015-06-24T18:58:52.2565777-05:00
@xhammy - We will wait for you to produce some magic proof of your completely fabricated nonsense. Waiting...
xhammy says2015-06-24T18:59:21.3511372-05:00
@TBR I cannot really be proven right or wrong as the link does not include the statistics for straight women.
xhammy says2015-06-24T19:00:00.9446986-05:00
Well while I work to prove myself right how about you work to prove me wrong. Saves us both time
TBR says2015-06-24T19:01:07.7108764-05:00
So, where did you come up with your initial clam from? Lacking any evidence it is reasonable to go with the provided information saying "Violence appears to be about as common among lesbian couples as among heterosexual couples (1,5). " over your baseless bullsh1T
Kreakin says2015-06-24T19:02:43.8997272-05:00
Xhammy - You are already to the point of using ad hominems. Bow out with some dignity intact.
TBR says2015-06-24T19:06:54.1245514-05:00
@xhammy - WHAT? You make an outlandish statement, cant back it, then want me to prove YOU wrong? Well, OK, if I must. How about I just point you right back to your link, and you can read it this time.
xhammy says2015-06-24T19:08:01.8884580-05:00
I m done I win! Ha ha! OK so what did xHammy do? Well first of all I felt most sources could be seen as shady so I went to the CDC...
xhammy says2015-06-24T19:08:15.3962071-05:00
Here is the page for reference...
xhammy says2015-06-24T19:08:30.4816972-05:00
Sorry oops, CTL-V
xhammy says2015-06-24T19:11:00.1509754-05:00
Now gay men are lesser risk than straight men I will give you that by 3% but the Lesbian to straight women risk is a 9% difference
xhammy says2015-06-24T19:11:42.6617929-05:00
All the proof for the pudding is in the first box on the second page.
TBR says2015-06-24T19:12:41.7713296-05:00
You SO haven't. "The rate of stalking among bisexual women is more than double the rate among heterosexual women. • One in 3 bisexual women (37%) and 1 in 6 heter" stalking in added to your number.
xhammy says2015-06-24T19:13:29.9599894-05:00
Conclusion: Lesbian women are 9% more likely to be a victim of rape, physical violence, and/or stalking by an intimate partner than a straight woman.
TBR says2015-06-24T19:13:36.7311865-05:00
Listen. You are digging a hole for yourself. You made the statement based on some concept you have about gay women, just say so.
TBR says2015-06-24T19:15:42.6256075-05:00
Stalking is not a violent crime (not by itself). You have a huge confirmation bias problem going into this.
dan40000000 says2015-06-24T19:25:02.0679658-05:00
It is a scientific fact that men and women are inherently different you cannot deny it. Therefore if a man and a woman are different how could they possibly replicate each other when raising a kid? Therefore kids are denied a major player in their upbringing which is harmful. Heterosexual couples have the perfect balance for raising kids if they use it properly of course.
TBR says2015-06-24T19:25:55.4535446-05:00 - "Initial research suggests that violence occurs at the same rate (12–50%) in same-gender couples as it does in cross-gender couples, and the methods of conflict resolution are similar in both groups (Gardner, 1989; Elliott, 1996; Renzetti, 1992; Straus, 1978; Straus, Gelles & Steinmetz, 1980). The exact rate of violence reported varies according to: (a) the samples being studied and (b) the definitions and measures of domestic violence utilized."
dan40000000 says2015-06-24T19:28:17.0246682-05:00
Using Ethans logic if you are born a certain way and can't help it then it should be allowed. What about people born with a natural attraction to little kids? It's natural for them and they can't help it, it's not their fault right? So we should let them date younger women under the age of 14. That kind of logic is very dangerous their is more data needed to determine if something is ok other than they are born that way.
xhammy says2015-06-24T19:29:59.4818393-05:00
12% to 50% is a really really vague and uncertain
TBR says2015-06-24T19:33:56.8644062-05:00
It sure is xhammy. You still have come nowhere near the BoP for your silly statement, all I need to do is sit back and watch you wiggle trying to make that nonsense work.
xhammy says2015-06-24T19:35:23.5788744-05:00
I want you to look at this link its the one I JUST GAVE YOU. Now look at the second page, first box. Tell me what is there.
TBR says2015-06-24T19:40:17.1347629-05:00
@xhammy - I read it too. Did you read the post I made about that? That includes stalking. Are you moving the goalposts now? Remove the stalking, and it is "about the same".
TBR says2015-06-24T19:42:03.4399861-05:00
Lest roll the thread back. THIS is what you are trying to prove. "lesbians are very high (statistically) for domestic violence; nobody knows why.". You have yet to come anywhere NEAR proving that statement. If you want to take it to a debate, I would be happy to participate and let it be judged.
xhammy says2015-06-24T19:44:01.8882850-05:00
TBR, your sight states that both are between 12% and 50% right? Just yes or no really quickly
xhammy says2015-06-24T19:45:11.5436245-05:00
Yes, and it is a perfectly true and accurate statement.
TBR says2015-06-24T19:46:06.5634634-05:00
Xhammy - Yes. Now, just yes or no. You are completely full of s**t, yes or no?
xhammy says2015-06-24T19:49:06.2033371-05:00
Well mine said that Lesbian 44%. The number is between 12% and 50%. It also said that hetero women are 35%. That number is also between 12% and 50%. Conclusion: Both straight and gay women are between 12% and 50%. So this kinda a "well your not wrong" moment.
TBR says2015-06-24T19:51:52.4569393-05:00
@xhammy - OK, that's close to just admitting a mistake.
xhammy says2015-06-24T19:58:10.1480119-05:00
So yeah my statement still stands, lesbians are 9% more likely to experience rape, physical violence, and/or stalking by an intimate partner than straight women, and 15% more likely to be that partner than straight women.
TBR says2015-06-24T20:00:13.7557744-05:00
@xhammy - you are moving the goalposts. Stalking is not a violent crime. You have been wrong at each turn in this. If you want to, I have offered a debate on the subject - Take it!
xhammy says2015-06-24T20:01:08.7000310-05:00
@TBR I was not admitting a mistake, I was pointing out how what you said is although true does not matter at all, because it is only true because of how unspecific it is.
TBR says2015-06-24T20:02:09.9468088-05:00
Take the debate. You have a BoP that you have not come close to, and can't in a debate. You seem to think you are getting somewhere, and you simply aren't.
xhammy says2015-06-24T20:07:49.0193293-05:00
I didn't get a debate request I don't think, did you send me one or what?
TBR says2015-06-24T20:11:53.3668282-05:00
Look up thread - TBR says June 24 2015 07:42 PM "Lest roll the thread back. THIS is what you are trying to prove. "lesbians are very high (statistically) for domestic violence; nobody knows why.". You have yet to come anywhere NEAR proving that statement. If you want to take it to a debate, I would be happy to participate and let it be judged.
TBR says2015-06-24T20:14:19.1354842-05:00
Here you go.
SE2 says2015-06-25T03:58:25.8904322-05:00
I don't really get why this is a serious question.
Kreakin says2015-06-25T08:58:39.3314342-05:00
TBR says2015-06-25T09:40:01.3894963-05:00
All - xhammy has taken my debate on this subject, you can follow on the link above. He squirreled around for his first round argument, then posted the same two page summary of the CDC study (that proves he is wrong, if he bothered to read the actual report). Regardless, I will have my round up tonight, and I hope some will come read/vote from the poll thread that spanned the debate - TBR.
sebban468 says2016-11-13T21:42:40.1589485Z
No! Absolutely not. The last thing we need is another problem where kids get ruined in their childhood. Kids need both a mother and a dad. Some things you can't talk to a man about and vice versa. And growing up with 2 gay people, the kid would probably end up being gay as well. Lets stop this gay pride nonsense! Its fine if they want to be gay but let's not spread that stuff to children. You have to draw the line somewhere!

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