Should homosexuals be allowed to be elementary school teachers?

Posted by: Sophia13

Why or why not?

  • Yes

  • No

87% 39 votes
13% 6 votes
  • Absolutely, if they want. Your ability to do a job should not be measured by your sexuality.

  • Really? Really!!!

    Posted by: TBR
  • How does sexuality impact one's teaching ability?

  • This reminds me of a couple of South Park episodes touching on this topic. Homosexual doesn't = pedophile nor will them teaching make the children gay. Just let them do their job.

    Posted by: Najs
  • Like any teacher gay or straight, their sexuality should not be a topic for discussion and their behaviors should be none sexual. Given that is the case I can't see sexuality being an issue for one over the other. I'm also not implying it would be if you read this like that.

  • What the heck, why is this even a question?

  • My sister had a gay teacher, and everyone liked him. He hid his sexuality well, and he went out of his way to be helpful. Plus, sexuality shouldn't be a factor.

  • It's important to a have a wide range of role models and different types of teachers, which is beneficial to many students. Sexuality is irrelevant. The only thing that matters is how good at teaching they are. I am truly disgusted at the people said no.... this is the 21st century!

  • of couse if a parent has a problem with it home school your kid because news flash its 2015

  • I believe there is nothing wrong with homosexual educators. However, I do take issue with the pictures chosen for the agree and disagree. Anyone choosing no has ever right to feel the way they do, but they are essentially being labeled as finger pointing, misinformed individuals. At least that's the feeling I got from those pictures. That is wrong and close-minded.

  • What does sexual orientation have to do with teaching?

  • Why is this even a question. If he or she is certified and capable of doing their job, their sexual orientation is irrelevant

  • Of course homosexuals should be allowed to teach in elementary school. Sexuality does not affect education. The level of role modeling, professionalism, skill in the subject, and socialization towards students does affect education. Homosexuals are not people who are obsessed with sex or pedophiles. Homosexuals are humans too and as long as the person does not abuse the children in any way, then of course, he/she should be allowed to teach in elementary school.

  • What a person does in the bedroom, doesn't change his qualifications.

  • AIDS like the plague is from God cause he sees something wrong in his eyes. Anally injected death sentence. AIDS

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TBR says2015-06-09T14:12:50.4695929-05:00
Anyone who says no should explain their vote.
Black-Jesus says2015-06-09T14:32:18.5648285-05:00
I guess the assumption here is that homosexual teachers could influence the children and/or teach them to be gay, which obviously isn't true
reece says2015-06-09T14:40:03.1441474-05:00
@TBR I know how you feel right now.
Stefy says2015-06-09T19:52:35.5167329-05:00
I have 3 gay teachers...Hmmm...Yep. Still alive.
Sophia13 says2015-06-09T21:42:05.5830779-05:00
I'm glad that this poll is getting all these positive responses.
Sophia13 says2015-06-09T21:43:07.6796005-05:00
Furthermore: I'm been taught by heterosexuals my whole life, and I'm still extremely queer. Sexuality cannot be taught.
TBR says2015-06-09T21:51:02.8049875-05:00
My gay music teacher was an ass. If the "gay agenda" was recruiting, he did a terrible job.
reece says2015-06-10T06:13:01.1948707-05:00
A good poll to respond to this would be 'should Catholics be school teachers?'
BblackkBbirdd says2015-06-10T06:38:40.6530603-05:00
What? Oh... 0-0
Kreakin says2015-06-10T06:58:12.4687217-05:00
@graciegirl - could you add a comment as to why you voted that way. Just curious..
Stefy says2015-06-11T08:10:12.5939525-05:00
Reece: No. It wouldn't. You don't ever respond to hate and ignorance with more hate and ignorance even if you're doing it in an ironic way.
Sophia13 says2015-06-11T09:00:41.3358370-05:00
@hatethemessenger: Homosexuals being teachers has nothing to do with AIDS. Even if it did, by that logic, heterosexuals shouldn't be teachers either; straight people can spread AIDS too.
Unknown95 says2015-06-11T11:20:04.6116852-05:00
I'm Bi in school to be a teacher, that response to No (the AIDS one) is really pissing me off! This issue hits close to home for me.
Sophia13 says2015-06-11T19:22:36.6073580-05:00
Perhaps we should all just pull our kids out of school, since they're all spreading AIDS.

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