Should I become an atheist?

Posted by: Hawlucha

Should I reject the possibility of a deity existing? Should I stop looking over my shoulder expecting a being far more powerful than any mortal in the universe? I really want to do things that people consider "bad" or "illegal" but don't want to feel guilty or fear of an afterlife by pissing "God" off; I need assurance that he doesn't exist.

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PetersSmith says2015-09-10T00:22:31.7618482Z
How about you act on the social contract theory and don't do bad things in the first place? Or act according to the principles of "justice". Because for religion there is punishment for "bad" deeds in the afterlife, but in real life there is present punishment for bad deeds. If you do something illegal, you will face repercussions.
triangle.128k says2015-09-10T02:01:37.2893134Z
@PetersSmith One could believe in afterlife without religion. In real life, you don't just face legal punushment for bad deeds. You also face social and emotional punishment, basically the meaning of Karma. I find it ridiculous how some religious people are too focused on the consequences in the end. They should worry more about the consequences bad deeds impact society as a whole.
Hawlucha says2015-09-10T09:44:27.4014568Z
@Triangle karma's just god without the human depiction or religion, therefore it must not exist and therefore I shouldn't expect repercussions from anything beyond Man's capabilities and the hand of the law.
Roodvlees says2015-09-10T14:09:11.5743403Z
Don't you think god will know you're faking it, if you're just believing to not piss him off? When deciding what to do I would consider whether it causes others harm. Then whether it's against the law, if not, it's just considered wrong because someone wanted to control other people. You don't have assurance you won't die in a car accident, yet you go out every day, not? The only reason you need assurance here is because they threaten you with eternal hell. How about I threaten you with eternal hell if you do believe in a god, follow the rules other people interpreted for you, will you then give it up? So far every religious claim that has been tested, has been proven false, including the claim that religion somehow has a positive effect on society: If you want to live a better life, give up religion, there's still plenty of bad idea's, so you'll have to be smart.
PericIes says2015-09-10T16:41:32.6138738Z
Atheism is not always the "rejection of the possibility of a deity existing." That's gnostic atheism, which, like gnostic anything, is stupid. Whatever you are, be the agnostic version of it, because to be blinded by faith in an absolute is moronic.
Hawlucha says2015-09-10T16:55:29.3561743Z
Roodvlees you sound mad as hell. But you know what? You're right, there is no God and religion just peer pressures me that there's punishment awaiting me once I die for running over an old lady and driving away before the police catches me (still not caught haha!)
NeatCrown says2015-09-19T19:46:35.0039843Z
Well, Atheism is the lack of belief in any deity (not the rejection of a deity), So do research, read books (That includes both informational books about atheism and religious texts - to see what is/isn't logical) and come to your own conclusion
Bob13 says2015-10-29T12:38:16.7560611Z
Don't just read religious texts. You don't have to be religious to believe in God.
Skyscraper says2015-12-01T02:03:11.3279857Z
Go Agnostic makes the universe a lot more interesting

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