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Mharman says2017-08-18T17:24:34.6998339Z
It's not mutilation, that's ridiculous.
Wylted says2017-08-18T23:43:48.4246182Z
Yes for public health reasons. They reduce the spread of STDs. It is like getting vaccinated
Accipiter says2017-08-19T14:04:33.1743937Z
Before I vote I need to know how old your boys are.
VyleKarma says2017-08-25T16:18:09.0229948Z
Do you have any idea how many nerve endings are down there? Me neither since my parents cut my dick.
TheMarketLibertarian says2017-08-28T04:43:57.1090568Z
'Should I cut out my daughters clitoris?' If you have to ask a question like that there's something wrong with you.
Mharman says2017-08-28T12:40:16.5066858Z
There is a difference between males and females. Circumcision is far different from female genital mutilation.
TheMarketLibertarian says2017-08-28T20:40:35.5238021Z
@Mharman Genital Mutilation= Genital Mutilation, and no, boys do not have less rights than girls
Mharman says2017-08-29T01:20:44.3492971Z
Don't put words into my mouth. I never said men's rights are any less than women's, or vice versa. Yes, GM = GM, but Circumcision =/= GM.
TheMarketLibertarian says2017-08-29T20:36:32.7185527Z
@Mharman That is exactly what you said, and yes, it is genital mutilation, look at the fucking definition: "the removal of all or part of the genital organs.'

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